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BJP refutes report on patching up with NPF

By EMN Updated: Nov 15, 2014 1:12 am


The Nagaland unit of BJP has refuted the statement issued by the media officer to the Chief Minister on November 13 that NPF and BJP had decided to strengthen ties, saying that ‘it was not a party position but their personal opinion’.
In a release issued by its media cell on Friday, the State BJP said such a ‘decision’ was not discussed nor deliberated upon by the party and added that the opinion expressed in the media is just to confuse the common people.
The party said such an informal meeting and a chat over tea cannot be termed an official meeting and any decision arrived at, if any at all, cannot be termed an official decision of the party.
Reiterating that it stands for over all development of the State, the party, however, stated that any resolution with regard to the wellbeing of Democratic Alliance of Nagaland and for strengthening the DAN government in the State has to be taken by the party after thorough deliberation within the party.
It further clarified that the issue of agreeing to keep aside all past differences and not let any individual interests disturb the decade-old coalition was yet to be discussed by the party officials. “The party decision is final and binding on such issues and any individual comments will not be entertained and will be termed invalid,” the BJP said.
The release also questioned the NPF as to how it has come to realize to keep the DAN coalition together only now after discarding its allies, especially the BJP, on numerous important decisions of the DAN government since 2003 and till today. “The NPF should have rectified their attitude towards the BJP earlier if they wanted a strong and stable government in the state instead of hurting the sentiments of the BJP,” the release stated.
Further, the BJP said to strengthen the alliance relationship there should be arrangements for the welfare of all the partners and not the dominant attitude of the bigger partner.
Also, the Media Cell of BJP voiced out strong resentment over the attitude of the NPF towards its allies, especially the BJP, on many issues in the present government and asked the NPF legislators to stop targeting the next of kin of BJP officials who are in government service for their personal vested interests.

By EMN Updated: Nov 15, 2014 1:12:37 am