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Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP Manifesto — Politics of Reforms and Continuity

By EMN Updated: Apr 20, 2024 11:03 pm

M Chuba Ao

BJP National Vice President

A nation’s journey on the development front cannot be a destination by itself. It is to move forward. Therefore, when we look at the BJP Manifesto for 2024 elections — we see it as a foundation for Politics of Stability, Performance, Reforms and Continuity.

As an example, let us talk about The Digital Personal Data Protection Act. This is a new generation strategy. This will make the digital space more secure. Similarly, the government has come out with the Anusandhan National Research Foundation Act which will strengthen research and innovation in the country.

The BJP Manifesto was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a galaxy of our top leaders.

Before we go further, let us highlight the Prime Minister’s clear commitment for the first 100 days of the new government. This also shows our leadership’s confidence and the trust that the people of India have on our party.

Some readers and analysts must have realised by now that our party Sankalp Patra has avoided freebies and kept its focus on enhancing manufacturing, particularly in the MSME sector, to spur employment.

As a chain effect, this will increase rural incomes, and promote exports. Also, the focus has been laid on improving national infrastructure, including defence, railways, aviation, electricity and renewables.

Overall, one can say the future Roadmap from June 2024 will be a proactive approach towards economic growth and a new roadmap for development.

I have tried to interact with some experts and players in some specific sectors. Here, I feel happy that the stakeholders from various fields have stated that automobile, cement, financials, consumption, manufacturing and capital goods sectors will see a tremendous growth trajectory.

It may thus be pointed out that no Prime Minister in India before Narendra Modi made economics such important and salient features of good governance.

The Manifesto or our party’s Sankalp Patra has a special emphasis for the northeast region.

I may highlight a few here. Our party has promised to continue its efforts to address the issues in the ‘disturbed areas’ and remove the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in a phased manner in the northeast.

It is a fact that there is already a 71% reduction in insurgency related violence in the region in the last 10 years. About 9,000 cadres of different insurgent groups laid down arms in the region in the last decade.

Our commitment to work for the Viksit Bharat (Developed India) is also appreciable from the fact that we call our Manifesto — Modi Ka Guarantee.

“We are constructing the first Bullet Train corridor in the country. Using the experience gained so far, we will initiate feasibility studies for Bullet Train Corridors in North, South, and East India,” the BJP’s manifesto states.

Now all eyes are on the voting of first phase on April 19, Friday. Nagaland and most parts of north east will vote on Friday. Thus my appeal to all citizens in the region and in Nagaland in particular is that as voters do not miss the chance to participate in the great festival of democracy and kindly exercise your voting right judiciously.

By EMN Updated: Apr 20, 2024 11:03:30 pm
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