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BJP accuses BRO of poor workmanship

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:34 am


While appreciating the on-going road resurfacing of the NH-29, the State BJP Nagaland has reiterated its earlier stand against the poor quality workmanship executed by Border Road Organisation (BRO) and therefore urged upon the concerned authority to change its complacent attitude and maintain a concrete quality work in the general interest of the people of the state as well as to maintain its own reputation. “It is sad to note that for the resurfacing of the National highway-29 Dimapur – Kohima road, repair works were visible only in selected portions of the road, moreover, the stretch between Purana Bazar to Padumpukri is yet to be completed whereby, the people are facing lots of inconveniences riding this portion,” a press statement issued by K James vizo, Dr M Chuba Ao, general secreatary and president BJP Nagaland state un it stated.
“It is unfortunate that the BRO and the Government of India led by UPA treated our state with step motherly attitudes by not improving the quality of roads in spite of several appeals by the state authority including the highest office of the Chief Minister of Nagaland,” it added.
It said, in the past, people had high regards with the workmanship of the BRO but today roads managed by the state authority are much better, one can see the road of Kohima town, Dimapur and Mokokchung. “To cite one instance the road from Dhobinala police point to DC court has lasted for so many years as reported recently in the local media,” it said.
Ironically, roads constructed by BRO at Myanmar are of top quality work, whereas the NE roads are sub- standard especially in Nagaland, is it because the people are too humble to raise their voices? For this same reason, there were issues in many states of India to shift the responsibilities of the BRO to the PWD, it maintained.
Meanwhile, the party has also appreciated the immense effort and initiatives taken by the minister for Road & Bridges Kuzholuzo Nienu and his department for the improvement and reconstruction of roads especially the Dimapur Tragopan- junction via Khermahal to ADC court Junction road, old over- bridge to new fly-over bridge via east police station and the drainage system at Dimapur in spite of several constraints.
“At Kohima town, the black topping done at NST road to Razhii point, the road behind Raj Bhavan and the new road towards the hospital road are commendable. It is heartening to know that more such developments are likely to take place soon, both at Dimapur and at Kohima town,” it said.
Recently, the minister who was seen personally supervising the works of BRO at Kohima around 10.30 pm is another thing to be appreciated by all.
It also mentioned some basic important points to ponder upon for better and durability of the road while making policies and programmes as: Estimation of drainages are usually not included in the plan; Technical specifications are not strictly implemented and No maintenance – fund are allocated after the works are completed.
Therefore it insists that reformation of the system is needed by reviewing the loopholes.
The party also viewed that BRO and PWD is like the sides of the same coin, since both the departments’ work is to construct a good road for the people and therefore both need to have good coordination and understanding between them.
Hence, The party has urged upon the department to continue to monitor and coordinate in future too, so as to deliver quality roads to the people of Nagaland and at the same bring a good name & reputation to its own department too.
The party also urged upon the concerned authorities to upgrade the present NH-29 (Dimapur up to Moreh) in to International Highway so as to promote trade and commerce to the entire North East region.

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2014 1:34:04 am