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Bikers ride for humanity part-3: A Travelogue

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Charity ride to Yaongyimti and Chakpa village

Kelezhazo Pienyii & Khruzota Vadeo

As we finished our seventh charity ride to Tobu, one of our friends on knowing about our club activities, invited us to conduct our next charity ride to Yaongyimti and Chakpa (Mokokchung). We were excited because Mokokchung has always been a fascinating place to explore. It was on Saturday morning, nine of us started our journey and this time our dear friends and family members came forward and donated things towards our charity ride. We were really encouraged by their generosity and kind-heartedness. Even, a dear friend from the Assam Rifle (Merema) also supported towards our cause.
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By evening, we reached Moaf2b79e7-ff97-457d-a79b-eb48bc565e4ekokchung where we pitched our tent and spent a night. The journey from Kohima to Botsa was a pleasant ride, and we were cruising on every serpentine curve with the fresh winds blowing towards our faces and moving our souls. However, the moment we crossed Botsa the journey became a bumpy ride. But still, we enjoyed the off-roading as a rider.
The next day, we woke up energetic and excited thinking about the new places that we are to venture. After travelling for about an hour, we reach Yoangyimti where we
were received by a young woman pastor and church members. We were grateful to them. We visited the oldest man and woman in the villages after which we distributed our charity things to the village old folks and children. And we started our journey to the next village Chakpa, there also we visited the oldest man and woman, old folks and children, we hande

Bikers ride for humanity part-3: A Travelogue
Bikers ride for humanity part-3: A Travelogue

d them medicines, warm clo


thes, shawls, torch light, toiletries, sweets, stationeries and some monetary. We felt better because coincidentally it was also a Palm Sunday.
In Yoangyimti village, we were so blessed to meet a 115 years old woman and that was so challenging to us. We were told that the British’s camped at Yoangyimti village because of its good defense and scenic beauty. Surprisingly, we learned that Chakpa village consists of 50% Ao and 50% Chang.
An old man exhorted us saying that there is no greater thing than love and he encouraged us to carry on. Loves conquer all. Feeling enlightened by his word we finished our charity ride and headed back home, as we crossed Mokokchung, we were greeted by a heavy shower but we proceeded on.
Riding in the rain was something where you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometime in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself. By then, we stop at VK town where we have hosted a dinner in one of our club member cousin house. We filled our tummy to the fullest as we were hungry and tired. It was by late evening, we reached home safely. We were not there to glorify our club nor that we were rich enough but it was just a sheer feeling of goodness to reach out. We felt enriched inside our hearts as we love and we were loved back. The diary of our motorcycle club journey has just begun.


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