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Beware Voters!!! The season of “Hot Air” and “Dough” is Here…

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2018 10:02 pm

With the tenure of the incumbent government about expiration in trice and the overhyped solution to Naga issue seems back-burnered. All in the fray, will inveigle, coax and cajole you, into exercising your valuable franchise in favour of them. But, let you, not be, bewitched by all the empty, exaggerated, pretentious and bizarre honeyed concoction they’ll cook for you. Because they without a doubt think that, to deceive you in their web of lies, is a no-brainer for them.
The stakes are high this election, in the sense, firstly, whether people’s anger, unease or chagrin against the various allegations of corruption is of an order, that it will translate into votes against the party in power have to be seen. Secondly, the very irreligious role of the religious organization and their so called, “Clean Election” campaign/initiatives and whether or not, they can impress upon the bulk of the dirt-poor population, living in rural areas and villages, from accepting/demanding cash for votes from the filthy rich candidates have to be seen. Thirdly, it would be a litmus test for the new parties in fray and whether or not; they can erode the NPF vote bank and bring down the NPF edifice; of power and strength in organisational structure at grassroots, built over a decade. Also, the question of their relevance in Nagaland politics after the election, remains to be seen. Fourthly, whether thousands of blustering anti-corruption crusaders in social media will, only talk or ‘walk the talk’ and be of any impact or ‘compromise and adapt to the situation’ will have to be seen.
The only time your say matters, is now. Whether or not, to remain a mute spectator, do nothing and let all the wrongs, happening to our society go on, ‘in perpetuum’ is your choice. They (politicians) are the wizards of their game and had outplayed us elections after elections since the first. But I say, at least for once, let us try to better and outplay them, in their own game. This is possible by cooperating with them, as they or their coterie canvass and beseech for your votes. Remember, to accept ‘any everything’ cash/kind/assurance/commitment/promise, they have to offer, with all due politeness. If needs be, look ‘ignorant and foolish’, to them as if, you are unaware of anything. But at the end of the day, decide whether he deserves another inning. And if you think the guy has been a nut and has done nothing for the people of the constituency during the last five years, let your votes in the secret ballot do the talking. You are not to worry, ‘to accept from and not vote for’ those candidates/representatives, who have amassed personal wealth from funds, meant for development because that’s not their hard earned wealth, and it rightly and so very much belongs to you as much as it belongs to them. It’s just that you are getting your due share which they have kept with them for long. That being said, do bless and reward those candidates/representatives, who have worked sincerely for the people. And if voting for the candidate in fray for the first time, contribute, help and bless him with your votes, if you find him/her fighting for a selfless altruistic cause.
Whether or not, to adorn the candidate with a diadem of next 5 years is your decision to make. Therefore, do not err in your judgement this time, for the choice you make today will determine how you want it to be in coming years. It’s time we stop from doing ‘only barking’ because there’s a saying, ‘barking dog seldom bites’. The five years wait is over, election is here and so, we should be able to give as good or bad as we have got. For we get this chance but once in five years. Vote wisely for there’s a saying, ‘the government you elect is the government you deserve”.

Hukai H. Zhimo

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2018 10:02:34 pm
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