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Beware of False Prophesy

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:34 pm

Prophesy is to speak as a mediator between God and mankind. There are men and women who truly bring down the message of God for the conversion of oneself and others. These prophets play important role in the social conditioning of people towards religious living in the fear and love of God.

Like Israelites, Nagas too has produced many prophets and prophetess. Their prayers and good lives sustain the general ignorant people. Good souls in the Church is treasure to the society.

There are also some people who act like prophets to get better recognition in the society. They would pray at the top of the voice to open the deaf ears of God. They bang the altar, pulpit, benches and tables of the Church during prayer as though those objects committed the most grievous and mortal sin. They do this because the same could not be done at home. They respect their own property, not Church property. They would prophesy about others life, but not their own.

One common thing in every prophecy is “Death or Coffin.” I wonder at such unity among all prophesy in Nagaland. They would threaten people with death and coffin. They would say, “Ohhh, I could see two three coffins at your door. One member of your family is sure to die this year.” Wow!!! This is amazing prophesy. I really like it because at least they are prophesying in the name of God. The rest of the story may be utterly wrong. If they have ten eyes, they may see thirty to forty coffins. Luckily, they have two eyes to fit into the eyes of God. When will Nagas get some good prophesy of blessings and graces? I am Still hoping against hopeless prophesy.

One fine evening, my Aunt rang up to me. I was more surprised because I never get her call. With a sad tone, she told me, “Please pray for me because Mrs. ABC told me that my life has become short. I need to fast seven days to avoid such curse from God.” It was a joke for me. I replied her with better encouragement not to believe in such fraud prophesy. I further told her to be happy and not to take those words to heart because it is never/not the word of God. Raising the family under the blessings of God is better than living under those false prophesy.

There are many ignorant Christians who believe in such portend. They would go to some prayer centres and fast for days and days and die of hunger and thirst. This is truly an early death. The prophecy has come to fulfillment. The Prophets in the Bible pray and fast together with the people. But Naga prophets force others to fast and pray while they feast in their homes and prayer meetings. Every prayer meeting is a big feast. “Eat well and pray well.” This type of prophets usually sleeps in peace because they successfully manage to cheat many souls every day. But the victim lies sleepless with the disturbing thought of death and other disasters that may come upon them.

Many prayer groups also do the job of devil rather than God’s work. They pray to God and do satanic deeds. They poison good Christian families with black prophesy. Most of them pretend to be so holy during prayer but afterwards live with two horns in the society. They imagine themselves to be taken up to heaven during prayers and speak in tongues which seem like Korean and Chinese languages. May be they watched some movies of Jackie Chan, Jet li, Lee Min ho, Kim Soo-hyun, Song Joong-ki, Lee Jong-suk and imitate them during prayers and called it gift of tongues. Later, they go back home with double-tongue speaking against others inside their own homes and kitchens. The growth of tail attracts many followers. The longer the tail, more followers.

God does not like this type of self-made prophets and prophesy. People who are actively involved in this black ministry need to do away it and live an honest Christian life. This will be more pleasing to God and neighbours. Every church should encourage prayers, fasting and alms giving but discourage wrong use of God’s name in the form of false prophesy. The Church should take utmost care of its members. And one such care could be to stop those false prophets before they bring doom upon Nagas. By this we allow simple Christians to live in peace with God and one another. This could be the best gift we could offer to God and His Church here on earth.

With true Prayers,
Rev. Fr. G. L. Khing

By EMN Updated: Jun 10, 2017 10:34:03 pm