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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Letters to the Editor

Better Late Than Never

By EMN Updated: May 19, 2023 10:52 pm


In reference to the government’s order vide No.JUDL/GOVT.NOTE/20/2012/, dated the 12th May, 2023, cautioning GBs, Council Chairmen or Area Administrators concerned against issuing any Indigenous, STs or Backwards certificates to children of non-Naga fathers or adopted non-Nagas, and for which I cannot help but appreciate the competent authority from the bottom of my heart as though I have won a big lottery for myself, or some of my life’s great expectation being presented to me.

It is rather, I feel that this order should have been passed and implemented a long time ago, anyhow (so they say), “IT IS BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”, and hence, this is a much welcome move and ought to be acknowledged and encouraged by all Nagas.

The fact is, on a personal note, let alone being hated, scorned and disdained by those being effected by this order, but I too have some of my aunts (both maternal and paternal) and also some close cousin sisters who are married to non-Nagas and as such, I am sure that by saying this, I am being abhorred with contempt, despised and cursed, but let them detest and loathe me or even crucify me for all I care, because to me, this is nothing personal or bigotry or prejudicial. This is nothing being misogynistic toward womenfolk who married non-Nagas. This is also nothing about you and me, but this all about your and my children, yours and my progeny. This is about the upcoming Nagas’ generation, this is about the Nagas’ future and this is about Nagas’ posterity.

AV Chophi
Chilisa, Mishikito Village

By EMN Updated: May 19, 2023 10:52:54 pm
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