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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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By Liyo Kikon

Unbelievable! That’s the word I would use to describe this game, it is so epic and mind blowing that everyone should experience it. Battlefield 1 takes you to a story about a war to end all wars which happened 100 years ago and puts you in the shoes of fallen heroes as they fight through the German lines. The campaign starts off by tossing you straight into the thick war zone, surrounded by the enemy as you try to survive using weapons from the first world war. I thought this game was tough since it seemed impossible to hold off the enemy advance but the story unfolds as the player dies and takes up another character which soon started to make sense as all the allies tried to get to the same objective. The graphics is simply mind blowing and to get all the bells and whistles of its glory, you would need a very high end PC. The whole destructible environment filled with thick smoke and chaos everywhere adds to the feel of immersive gameplay which this game has delivered beautifully.
The weapons in this game are a joy to use in the way they work, even though there are no modern weapons, emptying an entire clip to take out one enemy flame thrower can be very satisfying especially with the massive explosion they engulf in. There is a “bayonet charge” button, where you can press it and the player will charge ahead with the bayonet pointed out, this is fun if you want to take out an enemy up-close in just one swift motion. The health system is simple – You get a health bar in the bottom right side of the screen and if you stay in one position, the health will automatically recover. You can also drive around in a tank, and I love the raw feel of the tank, whether you face the narrow visibility of being the gunner as you try to take out enemy artilleries or being the driver, trying to push yourself as you get through the muddy battle ground. But tanks are not all, there are missions where you fly a plane packed with cannons and rockets and just like ground warfare, the air attacks are just as great and challenging. And if you take a hit when you are on a tank or plane, you can repair it but you will not be able to attack while repairing so you have to get your timing right and repair it whenever you get the chance. You can even ride on horses if you find them during missions and the best bit is that you can attack on horseback with your sword out, charging like a knight. The graphics in this game is something to behold and the amount of details they have in this game is truly astounding, you can almost smell the gunpowder in the air and the feel of heat when an explosion goes off and the icing on the glory of the graphics would be the sound. Grab a nice set of headphones or shatter your room with loud speakers and the music and sound effects will transport you into the thick war zone.
Gameplay is another chapter altogether, the enemy AI is so brilliant that you sometimes feel like you are dealing with an actual player even though their shooting skills could use an upgrade since they can actually miss even if they empty an entire magazine right behind you but that might also be because of the difficulty level. However, the way they seek cover when you are on a sniping spree or when they try to outflank you makes you wonder just where they might pop up and get you. The sheer intensity of the game and the brilliant storyline which follows each character makes this game the best first person shooter ever made!
The campaign mode is split up into different storylines, following the footsteps of different soldiers as they take you through their journey of the hardship they face in battle. One can’t help but feel connected to each of the characters in the story. With great voice acting, awesome script and the glorious graphics, everyone will agree with the fact that this game has set a new benchmark for first person shooters. But campaign mode isn’t everything, with multiplayer being the factor where games are set to live or die, Battlefield 1 does not disappoint since it has a huge selection of maps and objectives bundled and players are already ranking it on the top of the list for first person shooter multiplayer games.
This game is on the top of “must play” titles and is available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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