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Battle of Kohima account of events 4th – 7th April 1944

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[dropcap]7[/dropcap]0 years ago on the 4th April 1944, the Japs attacked GPT (General Purpose Transport) Ridge at Kohima. Major Reginald Lowe was commanding the whole of the Jail Hill – Transport Ridge Sector of the battlefield (presently PHQ – Japfu Ashok – AIR Kohima – Jail Colony and Old Minister Hill area). The disposition of troops were as follows: Jail Hill (PHQ) : One company of 5 Burma Regiment, Garrison Company of Burma Regiment, One platoon Assam Regiment. GPT Ridge (Japfu Ashok, Jail Colony and upper area) : Gurkha Reinforcement Company, Composite Company of Indian and State infantry, Transport Platoon, and Assam Regiment Infantry Platoon.According to various history books written about Kohima, GPT Ridge was lost on the 5th April (Today Japfu Ashok, Jail Colony and upper area). Although the Assam War Diary relates that Capt Douglas Frew Commanding the Gurkha Reinforcement Company, withdrew with his men on the 6th April. The War Diaries relate that the Japs put in a number of heavy attacks on the GPT position throughout the 5th April 1944.
Throughout the 5th April the Japs also attacked the positions on Jail Hill (today PHQ). On the 6th April Jail Hill was heavily shelled and eventually at 3 PM on the 7th April the position was abandoned.
Casualties on GPT Ridge and Jail Hill were: British Officers: Killed 2 plus 1 who died of his wounds, wounded 4, Other Ranks: Killed 40 to 55, Wounded 70 to 80. On the 4th April several State and mixed troops amounting to almost 120 men plus an officer and a Mortar Detachment absconded during the night. Major Reginald Lowe withdrew with his men to the HQ of the Assam Regiment on Garrison Hill (Raj Bhavan area) where he was wounded and as far as we know, he remained until the Relief of the Kohima Garrison. He was evacuated to Hospital in Dimapur on the 19th April 1944.

“When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today”

Major Richard Lowe
6th Queen Elizabeth’s Own Gurkha Rifles

Maj. Lowe is the son of Maj. Reginald Lowe commanding Jail Hill- Transport Ridge Sector (present PHQ – Japfu Ashok – AIR Kohima Jail Colony and Old Minister hill area)

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