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Bankrupt of ideas, strategies

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2015 11:07 pm

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow, the tribal organizations in Manipur should discard their stereotype strategies and start employing more appealing and effective measures to deal with the Manipur government. For decades now the tribal organizations—the Nagas and the Kukis—have been calling the Manipur government as valley centric one. Funds meant for the hills districts have been used in the valley districts as per the allegations of these tribal bodies. As part of voicing their grievances these organisations normally submit memos to various authorities including the Central government. They would also often impose blockades along the national highways which they would call them as pressure tactics and show of resentment. However, of late, these affairs of highway blockades and memorandum submissions have become acts of monotony. Such strategies have lost their charms and appeals today.The tribal community in Manipur needs to grow with time. Yes, we agree that development is yet to come in the hill districts, thanks to the apathy of the state government. For decades now the tribal bodies have been voicing their grievances by way of calling blockades and sending missives to the concerned authorities but there is no fructification. Still then these tribal bodies would not change their strategies for they have infatuated with the old ones.
The absence of think-out-of-the-box approach among the tribal leaders has been the main cause. Another problem has been that emotional approach continues to dominate in the decision making ring. Because of this factor many people term the tribal movement as ‘immature’ whenever benign issues are placed before the public. One wonders whether these tribal bodies have lost the pulse of the hoi-polloi. If they did someone needs to wake them up.
On the other, the government should not take advantage of the state of affairs. One never knows if Arab Spring is in the making in the hill districts of Manipur.
Still waters run deep.

By EMN Updated: Jan 26, 2015 11:07:10 pm