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Azo says political impasse will be resolved within a week

By EMN Updated: Jan 18, 2015 12:25 am

Chakhesangs celebrate Thuni

Principal Correspondent
Razeba, January 17

Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu today asserted that the truth will prevail and majority group will form the state government under the new leadership within a week’s time.
Addressing a mammoth gathering of celebrants as the chief guest of Chakhesang Thuni (post-harvest festival) co-sponsored by Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) and Department of Art & Culture, Nagaland at Razeba, the vegetable village of Phek district under Chizami Sub-Division today, Azo conveyed regrets to the general public for the ‘sorry state of affair’ because of the division within the NPF legislators.Azo, while taking the blame upon the dissident group for the political tussle within NPF apologized to the public for the political impasse but at the same time asserted that “we democratically and constitutionally we have the legal right to elect our own leader and therefore we have chosen out leader and demanding for a change”.
“We know our democratic and constitutional right, and therefore no one can crucify anyone for choosing a different leader,” he added.
He went on to state that “we know which group (Kaito or Zeliang) is best for the Nagas and therefore we hope that God will guide in installing the rightful majority group very soon”. He also asserted that Kaito’s group will try to provide a better and cleaner government while also taking government closer to the people and God.
He said that the TR Zeliang led government, of which he was part and partial till January 5, has “gone astray and was looking for monetary pleasure while also not being committed to the cause of Nagas and therefore God is punishing us.”

But, he said, “We pray that God’s wisdom will prevail as it is the narrow minded people who will say there is no solution”.
He also reiterated that the dissident group is not to topple nor change the government but “we are trying to change the leadership and we hope that democracy will prevail.”
He affirmed that Kaito group has absolute majority and it is for the Nagas to judge whether the majority or minority should run the affairs of the State. He also cited that if the minority is supposed to run the government then all those losing in elections getting least votes should become MLAs and not the winners.
On Union Home minister of State, Kiren Rijiju’s recent visit to the State, Azo said the latter had met the Kaito group in Dimapur and revealed to them that TR Zeliang and Dr. Shürhozelie had approached him to rescue the government. Nonetheless, the Union minister had reportedly told them that he would not do so as it would amount to interference into the internal crisis of NPF party and therefore they should reconcile.
On the alleged nearly Rs 79 crore black money issue against TR Zeliang, he said, “I do hope that this is not true but if it is true he will really be in a sorry state of affairs”. The truth will prevail, he said adding that when the state is facing such financial crunch but if one person can transfer so much money into foreign accounts nobody can be a party to this.
Meanwhile, asserting that Nagas should be little more patient as any confusion would be cleared within a week’s time.
Azo said that the NPF Legislature Party led by G. Kaito Aye yesterday had threadbare discussion and decided to refuse to take part in the minority group even if Governor P. B. Acharya does not accept the resignations submitted by the 11 NPF legislators. He said that due to lots of procedural lapses the administration and the public are also confused on the designation of the resigned legislators. He said since those have not been accepted by the Governor, it has not been conveyed to the Chief Secretary, who is yet to issue any official notification.
On a lighter vein, Azo connected the theme of the celebration “Peace is wealth” to the present political imbroglio within the NPF legislators. He said that it is befitting with the impasse, because without peace and unity the legislators will not be able to pursue for developmental activities of the State.
Meanwhile, extending festival greetings to the Chakhesang community, he expressed hope that the Chakhesang in particular and Nagas in general would reap peace and harmony through the festival. Expressing that wildlife should be protected, he urged the Naga tribes not to kill wild animals in the name of festival.
Dwelling on the significance of the festival, local MLA Deo Nukhu said Thuni is a post harvest festival, which according to the tradition is hosted by the farmer who has been richly blessed with bountiful harvest while also bringing together the seeds of all the produce seeking God’s blessing before the sowing season.
State Assembly Speaker Chotisuh Sazo inaugurated the exhibition-cum-sale of organic agri-products by the village while also inaugurating the cultural extravaganza. Thuni feast marked the culmination of the festival.
President and colleagues of Pochury Hoho, Angami Public Organisation, Sümi Hoho and Poumai Naga Union were the special guests of the festival.

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