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Azo calls for goodwill intervention from NGOs, govt in Manipur crisis

By EMN Updated: Dec 21, 2016 11:51 pm

Kikriima students’ general session begins 

Kuzholuzo Nienu addressing the KSU general session at Kikriima on December 21.
Kuzholuzo Nienu addressing the KSU general session at Kikriima on December 21.


Kikriima, Dec. 21: Member of Legislative Assembly Kuzholuzo(Azo) Nienu has called for community ‘goodwill’ interventions from the civil society and the government to diffuse the situation in Manipur where the Meitei and the Naga people are reportedly at loggerheads. Since time immemorial, he said, the two communities have ‘lived together as brothers and neighbours and the same should continue,’ he said.

MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu on Wednesday attended the 58th general session of the Kikriima Students’ Union (KSU) at the government high school of Kikriima, in Phek district.

Speaking during the occasion, Nienu stated that individuals should use their God-given knowledge for the welfare of the people, society and for ‘good purposes’ only. Knowledge without purpose can be a destructive tool, he said. ‘As knowledge, status, position and wealth are all given to us by God almighty, one should use these assets in the greater interest of humanity,’ the politician explained.

In regard to the December 25 “Good Governance Day” as declared by the government of India, the MLA appreciated
the stand of the government and supported Chief Minister TR Zeliang’s stand requesting the central government to observe the day on some other convenient day. That way, he said, the sentiments of the minority Christian community in India would not be hurt.

The legislator suggested that it would be more appropriate if Good Governance Day were observed on the 19th of March as stated by the chief minister, the day Atal Bihari Vajpayee become the PM of India for the second term as the concept came to form during his second tenure.

As far as good governance is concerned, Nienu stated, it is the need of the hour and should also be appreciated by one and all.

Further, speaking about the issues between the Meitei and the Nagas in Manipur, he said that the need of the hour was to set up a “goodwill mission” to talk with the Meitei or the government of Manipur ‘in order to allow good sense to prevail and normalcy to return in Manipur and also for the safety of the Nagas in Manipur.’

While stating this, he also added that it is necessary to live in peace and harmony with neighbours as since time immemorial the Meiteis and the Nagas have lived together as brothers and neighbours. It should continue, he said. The legislator has requested civil society organizations or the state governments to take up the matter ‘in right earnest.’

According to the politician, the imposition of the economic blockade was unconstitutional and considered a crime against humanity; it is also an act of ‘economic strangulation leading to famine, hunger, thirst and death.’ It is in violation of Christian principles, Nienu said. ‘And we as Christians must refrain from such activities and such activities should be stopped and called off,’ he said.

Kikruma VDB secretary Vezohii Tiinyi also exhorted the gathering while KSU president Kiikhriinesa Tunyi delivered the presidential address.

By EMN Updated: Dec 21, 2016 11:51:19 pm