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AYO renew calls to revive ‘Angami Ethos’

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 21, 2016 11:31 pm

KOHIMA, AUGUST 21: Angami Youth Organization (AYO) held a seminar on ‘Angami Ethos’ at Niathu Resort, Chumoukedima, on August 20 hosted by Chakhro Youth Organization (CYO).
Additional Director of SCERT Nagaland, Kezhalenuo Kesiezie, who was one of the resource persons of the programme, focused on five important Angami ethos practiced in the Angami community – ‘Kethezie Kecü’ (kindness and respect to others), respect for elders, ‘Kenyü’ (taboo), meaning of a person’s name, and addressing people in the community.
She highlighted that the principle of ‘Kethezie Kecü’ defined the social life of Angamis and their relation with their neighbours and guests, while the quality of respecting elders is another crucial ethos where youngsters are taught to respect and fear elders. One ethos that carried maximum weightage in the Angami society, she stated, was ‘Kenyü’ or taboo which forbade people from committing various wrongs. The fourth ethos that the official highlighted was the meaning in a person’s name.
“A name is given with careful contemplation, and it is considered the first blessings of the parents to their child,” she said. The fifth ethos, she explained, is addressing a person. People in the Angami tribe are addressed with certain names according to kinship relations and age which was a mark of respect to others, she added.
President of Overseas Naga Association (ONA), Dr. Visier Sanyü Meyasetsu, who was also a resource person at the seminar, gave a comparison between the ethos followed by other nations and the Nagas. The Britishers’ justice and democracy, the Japanese ‘Kaizen’- practice of continuous improvement, Mizos’ ‘Tlawmngaihna’-a cultural concept that incorporates behavior of self-sacrifice and self-denial were highlighted by Dr. Visier. While pointing out that the community and the clan is the greatest ethos in the Angami community, he however lamented that these qualities were diminishing in the present Naga society which has been overtaken by greed and selfishness. Therefore, the speaker appealed for the Angami people to revive and live their rich ethos and values again so that the Naga society can progress with the changing times.
The panelists for the seminar were Ruokuo Kire, Social Activist, Khriehutuo Tsira, State Athletic Coach and Villo Naleo, Lecturer SBS.
Opening remarks were given by Angami Public Organisation (APO), Angamimiapfii Mechii Krotho (AMK) and Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO).
The event is part of the AYO’s set of programmes commemorating its 25 years celebration. Three more seminars on Education, Economy and Environment will be held on August 27, September 10 and September 24 respectively in the remaining three regions of AYO.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 21, 2016 11:31:03 pm