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Monday, May 20, 2024
Nagaland, Zunheboto

Awotsakilimi celebrates Christianity Centenary

By EMN Updated: Apr 08, 2024 9:48 pm
Rev. Kughato Chophi (left) unveiling the centennial jubilee monolith at Awotsakili in Zünheboto district.

DIMAPUR — The people of Awotsakili, in Zünheboto district, celebrated the Christianity Centenary on April 6 and 7, on the theme ‘Proclaiming God’s mighty work’.

According to an update, Nikhui Achumi, pastor of Diphupar Sümi Baptist Church; Rev. Kughato Chophi, executive secretary of Sümi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu (SBAK) Nito Mount; and Dr. Tokivi Katty, associate professor at Manipur Theological College, were the speakers at the celebration.

The speakers collectively encouraged the congregation to be a testament to God’s mighty works in their lives by living and displaying the traits of spiritually mature individuals.

A monolith to commemorate the centennial jubilee was unveiled and dedicated by Rev. Kughato and Khezheto Achumi, pastor of Sümi Baptist Church, Diphupar B, released the centenary commemorative magazine.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Chishi, executive secretary of SBAK Aizuto, also attended the celebration on Sunday morning.

Inashe Achumi extended the welcome address, while Tokugha P Achumi, additional director of Industries and Commerce; Shikaho P Yeptho, general manager of Nagaland State Transport; and Dr. Vikato Kinimi, retired principal director of Health and Family Welfare, conveyed messages of exuberance to the congregation.

During the celebration, there was a display of century-old ornaments and artefacts from Awotsakili, as well as an exhibition of old photos pertaining to Awotsakili village collected from abroad, on the sub-theme ‘Convergence of faith and heritage’.

The exhibition organisers expressed the view that “100 years of Christianity can be manifested only through one’s faith, which is an intangible aspect of a Christian believer.”

It is worth mentioning that Yimnasüshi of Ungma village arrived in Awotsakili village in 1919 and proselytised Yezukhe Achumi, who was baptised along with nine other converts from Awotsakili in 1924 by Evangelist Suluho Keyho of Chozuba village.

In 1973, the people of Awotsakili decided to institute the year of the first baptism, 1924, as the official establishment year of the Awotsakilimi Baptist Church. Subsequently, the Awotsakilimi Baptist Church has been commemorating their jubilee years based on this decision.

By EMN Updated: Apr 08, 2024 9:48:20 pm
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