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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Authorities take in rescued elephant calf; animal safe

By EMN Updated: Apr 10, 2019 1:06 am

Wildlife assures action for loose power lines

Wildlife authorities feed the elephant calf that was rescued by youths and conservation activists in Sanis town in Wokha district.

Dimapur, April 9 (EMN): The Wildlife authorities for Dimapur district have taken into their care an elephant calf that was stated to have strayed into a locality in Sanis town in Wokha district on April 7, before eventually being found by local youths.

The journey of the calf is part of a continuing saga in Wokha district: Controversy and ultimatums around loose or low-hanging power lines electrocuting elephants, negligent power companies, and of outrage from conservation activists who have cried foul at authorities allegedly for not taking steps to mitigate concerns surrounding elephants and elephant-human conflicts in the district.

The establishment of the Dimapur wildlife warden issued a press release to the media on Tuesday offering updates about the condition of the calf, which was reportedly rescued by a conversation group and youths of Sanis town.

The establishment expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to efforts in keeping the calf safe. The authorities also assured to take action concerning the issue of low-hanging power lines.

The press release read: “The Wildlife Warden, Wildlife Division, Dimapur would like to extend deepest gratitude to all the volunteers (conservation group Green-Sons); public, police and administration of Sanis town, Wokha district for their cooperation, coordination and assistance to the department in rescuing an elephant calf 30-45 days old (approx) that had separated from its herd and strayed into human habitation on 7th April 2019.”

The authorities stated that the next day, on April 8, two elephants were found electrocuted by a sagging high tension electric cable (220/132 KV) out of which one nursing elephant is believed to have been ‘its mother.’

“This happened exactly at the same spot where two elephants were electrocuted on 24th of October 2018,” the statement explained.

“In this regard, the department had earlier written to the general manager, Power Grid Cooperation of India Limited, Dimapur dated 2nd November 2018 requesting to take necessary action for maintenance of electric cables/lines at optimum height as there may be such deaths from accidental electrocution in the future.”

The height of the high tension electric cable/lines (220/132 KV) is only 10-12 feet from the ground and had it been rectified, such an unfortunate recurrence of elephant death would not have taken place, the authorities stated.

Stating that the negligence amounts to violation of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, the Wildlife establishment assured that legal action will be initiated ‘as per the law.’

“As regards the elephant calf, it is under safe custody at Intangki National Park with veterinary doctors monitoring its health and is currently reported to be active, stable and in good health,” the updates added.


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