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Dimapur, Nagaland

ATMA organises training programmes and demonstrations

By EMN Updated: Apr 08, 2022 11:32 pm
Participants, resource persons and organisers during the one-day ATMA training programme in Kohima on April 5.

Dimapur, April 8 (EMN): Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Kohima block conducted training on value addition and oyster mushroom cultivation at Rhieo Mechü Ki, L khel, Kohima village on April 5.

Bodevi Shüya, deputy director encouraged the participants to give their best in learning the training given to them and added that ‘the participants are fortunate to be able to sell their produce in and around Kohima with no marketing problem’, an update informed.

Technical session and a hands on demonstration on three different types of tree beans pickle was conducted by Rokoshuno Angela, dy. PD ATMA Kohima and brinjal pickle by Thejavinuo Mepfhü-o, ATM ATMA Kohima block.

Resource person for mushroom cultivation, Rokotuono Phira, ATM Kohima block trained the participants on preparation and procurement of spawn, substrate preparation, spawning, spawn running, crop management and harvesting.

The participants were also taught the importance of packaging to add value to the product. Altogether, 21 participants attended the training.

Meanwhile, ATMA Ongpangkong North block, Mokokchung conducted a one-day training and demonstration programme at Settsu and Ungma Village on March 31.

The training programme on cultivation practices of summer vegetable crop was conducted with an aim  to  educate the farmers on the  importance and benefits of vegetable cultivation and awareness on plant protection in vegetable production measures to control crops from pests and diseases.

Resource person, Tekasangla Ozukum, horticulture extension assistant, discussed the sowing time, seed rate, spacing, manures and fertilisers in the cultivation of vegetable crops.

She emphasised on the methodology and various ideas on production of vegetable crops without the use of inorganic sources and highlighted the usage of bio control agents to   suppress   the growth of disease causing organisms in the soil.

Further, a demonstration programme on integrated pest management (IPM) on summer vegetables was also conducted, where farmers were taught the IPM methods to control the pest and diseases in summer vegetables crops.

The programme was followed by interaction and feedback from the farmers. Inputs like seeds, neem oil, Trio-ROM, Pseudo- ROM were distributed to all the farmers. Altogether, 20 farmers and ATMA staff attended the programme.

A demonstration on management of fall army worm in maize was also conducted at Ungma village. The resource person highlighted on the life cycle of the pest, identification of egg mass in the leaves of the crops, early signs of infestation and identification of pests before it reaches the harmful stage.

She explained about the various management techniques like handpicking and destruction of egg masses and neonate larvae in mass by crushing, mass trapping of  male moths using pheromones traps in their field, deep ploughing before sowing etc. 

Altogether, eight farmers attended the programme and received agri inputs like leaflets and bio pesticides.

In Tutheze village, ATMA Longmatra block, Kiphire organised a training and demonstration on April 4 and 4th, where ATM Tsungrozen gave a hands on demonstration on nursery bed management of carrots with locally available materials.

Training was also conducted on container gardening of coriander.  A total number of 31 participants attended the programme.

Earlier, demonstrations were conducted at Pongren village on March 29 and 31 respectively on nursery bed preparation of cabbage and French bean cultivation. F1 hybrid cabbage seeds and Arka komal French bean seeds were distributed to the participants.

By EMN Updated: Apr 08, 2022 11:32:17 pm