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ATMA Jakhama block conducts training for farmers

By EMN Updated: Sep 15, 2019 9:16 pm
Farmwomen preparing a nursery bed for cultivation of coriander during the training conducted by ATMA Jakhama block on September 9.

Dimapur, Sep. 15 (EMN): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Jakhama block, conducted demonstration on cultivation of coriander, green pea and broccoli in Khuzama and Jakhama villages under Kohima district on September 9.

A ATMA press release issued by Atuno Zinyu, stated that Ketholezo Kipu, ATM; Vimenuo Mere, BTM; Atuno Zinyu, ATM; and Neitouzo Belho, ATM, were the resource persons.

During the programme, importance of soaking the seeds overnight to ease germination in coriander, stacking in green pea and the importance of manuring were demonstrated and highlighted to the farmers. They were also shown how to make the bed and the required depth for seed sowing which is idle for germination and time taken for maturity and harvest was highlighted.

Besides, farmers were also given hands-on experience on planting coriander seeds and green pea seeds at specified spacing.

It stated that altogether, 28 participants attended the programme.

On September 13, a fishery farm school was inaugurated at Pfuchama under the technical guidance of ATMA Jakhama mlock at Pfuchama village. The resource person Wabang Longkumer, BTT convener, highlighted on the objectives of a farm school and the duties of farm school teacher as the link between progressive farmers and also disseminated information of new technologies to fellow farmers.

It was followed by training on the importance of fishery pond management. The resource person shared on the ideal size of a fishery pond for a particular number of fingerlings, parameters of water, timely control, eradication of weeds, feeding habits and behaviours.

The training was attended by 22 participants including food security group and ATMA functionaries.

By EMN Updated: Sep 15, 2019 9:16:32 pm