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ASUD bringing Comedy Night with Dreamz Unlimited

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 03, 2019 12:15 am

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, Sep. 2: Comedy group Dreamz Unlimited is all set to perform on Oct. 1 at the Dimapur District Sports Complex stadium at an event dubbed as the ‘comedy night with Dreamz Unlimited.’
This was announced at a press conference by organisers Ao Students’ Union of Dimapur, on Mon. Sep. 2 at the Tourist Lodge in Dimapur.
The union’s members told reporters that the idea was to engage humour ‘with social touch’ taking besides promoting the group.

‘The one-hour thirty minutes show will be a family affair and we want our non-Naga community to come and enjoy the event,’ the organisers said.

When queried about why Dreamz Unlimited, which has an established following, needed a promotional event, the group’s director Tiakumzuk Aier said that the event itself was going to be challenging as the team has never performed on a bigger stage and in an open air. ‘It is not easy compared to the shows they have done so far as they will be performing in an open air for a larger audience,’ he said.

Aier said maintaining consistency was not easy. “Even if we introduce new actors people fail to notice or remember as the audience are more familiar with ‘Rev. Frederick’ and ‘Kholar Baba’ and that is why consistency is very important,” Aier said.

If there is demand, he said, the team is willing to reach out to audiences beyond the border.
“If there is no positive impact we will not see the demands/feedback on our YouTube channel and therefore we believe that we are creating a positive impact little by little.”

“We hope that as we continue making videos the change will also continue.”
The one-hour thirty minutes comedy programme will commence from 6:00 pm. Tickets are priced at INR 2000 for donors pass and INR 300 for the general category.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 03, 2019 12:15:23 am