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Assam-Rengmas and Karbi Embroilment II

By EMN Updated: Jan 19, 2014 10:27 pm

Thepfulhouvi Solo

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] necessary evil of the Freedom of Expression is the Right everybody has to express his or her opinion in the News Media; not every expression that appear in the News Paper are however of equal value: most of them are commonly good, informative and useful; some are precious Stones, a few are Gems and may even change the course of the life of the Reader or influence the whole Society to change its views, but some are just mere door mats.
The Individual Reader and the Public may see all the News; but they would need to winnow the materials carefully, pick out the gems and relegate the trash into the Public dust Bins to enable the Municipal Trucks to collect and dump them in the Land-fills outside the City.Recently, there have been a lot of statements from this and that Organization on the Assam-Rengma and Karbi imbroglio. We have learned a lot of the stories and views of the Partisan Groups on the Issue. There have been a good number of NGOs from both the sides and from the middle for the Peace Making. These steps are good first steps and necessary for the journey of perhaps a thousand kilometers.
So far, if my information is right, these Organizations plead for Peace to the Contending Parties. The prime object these Organizations would do well is to help bring the Contenders to a Conference Table to thrash out a Solution in a face to face exchange of Ideas by the Contenders themselves. Without a Solution, Peace is no Peace.
The Peaceful FNR is no Peace to the Political imbroglio in the Naga National Scene because the NR has not been able to bring the Naga National Groups to a common Conference Table and thrash out a Solution themselves in the last 16 long years. The foremost task is to bring the Contenders to a Conference Table to find the Solution themselves!
This Writer in his 1st Write-up on the Imbroglio some weeks ago mentioned the Assam-Rengma and Karbi Imbroglio involves complicated History of the Land for many tumultuous centuries, the Rights of the various Ethnics Groups living there for centuries and the events that led up to the present difficulties. These difficulties can be settled only through an Honest, Free and Fair discussions Face to Face across a Conference Table between the involved Parties, in an Attitude of Give & Take based on Ground Realities, and not through the News Papers wars.
So far there seem to have been several NGOs -each or combined- pleading for Peace from distance; and from the contending Parties, a plethora of Blame Games but no Goals Scored, not even an attempt at the Goal; there seems to be a paucity of goal scorers on the scene in the likes of Messi, Ronaldo or Ribery. When Manchester United Team got a stunning clubbing at the hand of the Manchester City -5 Goals to 0- the inimitable United Manager Sir, Ferguson called all his world class players: “Idiots” in disgust!
As far as my limited information goes; the mysterious search, -for a “third Force” in Assam responsible for the imbroglio in the Blame Game- is only an imaginary ‘self delusion’. This so-called ‘third Force’ in Assam causing the imbroglio has no human Form or Face, it has no legs, it cannot attend a Conference, and it has no steatopygia to sit on a Chair! Without a Resolve to Face a Conference Table to work out a mutually satisfactory Solution, then, neither the NIA nor the CBI, not the Assam Government or the Contender itself, singly on its own, could bring a Solution.
Peace cannot take root on stony ground. Peace -without a solution thrashed out from a face to face Conference Table between the Contestants- would be like Seeds sown on a stony ground; the seeds would sprout immediately from the night dew but they would wither as soon as the Noon day Sun comes up to its position. It would be like Seeds sown by the wayside only to be trampled up by the Travelers going up and down the Road.
The Palestinians refuse to sit face to face and make Peace Agreement with Israel for the West Bank; North Korea refuse to meet South Korea face to face for solution of the problem between the two Koreas; recently the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Abe proposed a meeting for discussion of the Shinkoku (Dioyu? Chinese) Island problem with China but China declined and the problem continue despite the world’s mounting worry.
If the Contending Parties could eliminate innocent Villagers and Civilians but if they fail to face each other for a mutually peaceful Talk on the Solution of their common Problem themselves, then they may deserve forced Solution from Strangers.

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