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Assam govt responsible for violence: KSA

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2014 11:35 pm


THE Karbi Students Association have categorically stated that it was failure of the government of Assam and not the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council that should be held responsible for the violence and present impasse between the Karbi and the Rengma Naga in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district. In a press release the student’ body cites that the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) has no power over the law and order. “The entire situation happened because of the failure of the Assam Government and the Assam government must take the sole responsibility for the conflict”, the release added. It says, the Nilip Peace Committee in Chokihola had apprised the administration of the tension in the area, and requested for police outposts to be positioned long before the violence broke out.Reacting on the apology of the Naga Rengma Hills Protection Force (NRHPF) after the killing of nine Karbis, whose bodies January 3, 2014, from Pachaspura in Chumukedima in the suburbs of Dimapur, Nagaland the KSA release says “there is no need for the Naga Rengma Hills Protection Force (NRHPF) to try to justify its crime of murdering nine innocent youths in Pachaspura (Chumekedima) in Dimapur by labelling them as “arms suppliers”. If the NRHPF “believed” them to be “arms suppliers” they should have informed the police and get them arrested, and not kidnap them, tie their hands on their back, blindfold them, and then kill them.”
The statement also provided the list of the dead adding that one of the youth killed was Harlongbi Ingti, General Secretary of Karbi Students Association of Bokajan, the rest were wage earners.
The names of the killed are:
1. Mongolsing Engti (24 Yrs), S/o Laichan Engti, Village:Dakiram Tokbi, Upper Deopani,
2. Sunil Rongpi (16 yrs), S/o Kania Rongpi, Longki Tokbi Village, Upper Deopani,
3. Rajib Engti, S/o Lt Bura Engti, Upper Deopani,
4. Dhoni Rongpi, S/o Mukhi Rongpi, Lakhiram Rongpi Village, Upper Deopani,
5. Pratap Taro, Add: Rensing Rongpi, Centre, Karbi Anglong,
6. Harlongbi Engti, S/o Suren Engti, Rongkangthir, Bokajan,
7. Thengtom Singnar, S/o Longsing Singnar, Centre, Karbi Anglong,
8. Jiten Ronghang, Langtuk Ronghang, Elwin Tokbi Village, Paklongkam (Bhelughat),
9. Dhorom Lekthe, Elwin Tokbi Village, Paklongkam (Bhelughat), and another shot dead at Karagaon (Khotkhoti).
10. Desoi Rongpi, S/o Sar Rongpi, Karagaon, Ps: Khatkhati, Karbi Anglong.
The KSA stated that it was unfair of RNPC and NRHPF to malign the Karbi people by accusing the community itself of all the wrongs being done to the Rengma villagers.They condemned the killing of Rengma villagers and the arson of homes and properties that accompanied the violence. The statement termed those perpetuating the violence as ‘anti-Karbi’ and demanded a high level inquiry into the incidents, to punish the guilty, by the state government.
The statement said despite the law and order problem people have maintained peace. With law and order being a state subject the incident has only gone to prove that the state government is incapable of handling the problem. The only solution ensure end of such incidents the KSA statement says, is the creation of a Karbi Anglong state.

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