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Ashas trained on paediatric care in Covid-19

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2021 11:41 pm
Dr. Kekhrieneizo Peseyie along with Ashas of Chiephobozou block after the training on paediatric care in Covid-19 at Chiephobozou CHC.

Dimapur, Aug. 25 (EMN): The office of the chief medical officer (CMO), Kohima, along with District Health Society, NHM, conducted training on paediatric care in Covid-19 for Asha of Chiephobozou block at Chiephobozou CHC on August 24.

Resource persons of the training were Dr. Akatoli Angto, MO (Paediatrician), and Dr. Kekhrieneizo Peseyie, MO of Chiephobozou CHC, stated an update from CMO’s office, Kohima.

During the training, Dr. Kevilhoulie Meyase, DSO, informed the Ashas on the importance of malaria slide test and pointed out the differences between Sari/ ILI reporting system.

It stated that Dr. Akatoli Angto presented a demonstration on how to handle Covid-19 related cases in children. She also briefed the Ashas on the paediatric care relating to the approach of integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness (IMNCI). She also highlighted the major components on the preparedness and management of any sudden surge of Covid-19 care.

Report also stated that Ashas were trained on the danger signs, surveillance, signs and symptoms of Covid-19 in paediatric age groups, prevailing myths conception of Covid-19 in children. Ashas were also informed about the roles and responsibilities in the ward, colonies and community.

In the closing session, Dr. Kekhrieneizo Peseyie demonstrated the use of pulse oximeter and IR thermometer and distributed them to all Ashas present in the training.

DSO, medical officers, BPM and block Asha co-ordinators attended the training.

By EMN Updated: Aug 25, 2021 11:41:18 pm