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‘Arunachal will not shine if legacy of buying MLAs continue’

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2014 11:41 pm


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]aking the battle to Congress’ traditional base of Arunachal Pradesh, Narendra Modi today accused the party of engaging in vote bank politics and misusing money and muscle power to suppress the voice of opposition in the state.
The BJP prime ministerial candidate alleged that Congress never worked for the interest of the people of the region and exhorted them to ‘wipe out’ Congress in the coming Lok Sabha and assembly polls in the state.“Support BJP and I promise to provide you everything in just 60 months which Congress did not even in 60 years,” he said and promised to ensure a stable, transparent and people-friendly government at the Centre as well as the state.
“The dream of Mahatma Gandhi remained unfulfilled. He never wanted the Congress to rule the country after India attained independence as he knew that if it took over the reins, the country would be doomed and this was proved beyond doubt,” Modi, who was clad in traditional Arunachal clothes, said during his ‘Asha ki Nayi Kiran’ rally here.
“I appeal to the youths to fulfill the dream of the Father of the Nation by discarding Congress and bringing BJP to power both at the Centre and the state,” he quipped.
Alleging that Congress in Arunachal Pradesh had resorted to money and muscle power to buy opposition candidates, Modi urged Election Commission to take stock of the situation and act accordingly.
“Even the chief minister of the state (Nabam Tuki) did not have the courage to fight the election and instead engaged in horse-trading to make the opposition candidate to withdraw nomination,” he alleged.
“How far will you (Congress) go? May 16 (the day of election result) will change it… Mr Chief Minister those who made you do this will not be able to protect you in Delhi after May 16,” he added.
Modi blamed the Congress of suppressing the opposition through fraudulent means and said it was not the true spirit of democracy.
“Arunachal will not shine unless the legacy of buying of MLAs continues. Time has come for the people to understand the conspiracy of the Congress.”
“And it will not just be a home but will have a tap…the house will have water, electricity, proper sanitation facilities and will also have schools and hospitals for old and children nearby. We do not want a country where poor sleep on footpaths and that is why I have come to take your blessings,” Modi said.
Taking a jibe at the Congress, Modi said that earlier parties used to come together to oust the government but this elections, they are coming together and making schemes just to ensure that Modi does not come.
“Why are they (Congress) so frightened? They are so troubled because they know which place they will be after May 16,” he said.

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2014 11:41:48 pm