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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Article 371 (A) creating hurdles to development — Power official

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 02, 2024 3:58 pm
Moa Aier
Moa Aier addressing the inaugural programme of Immanuel College’s annual ‘The Myriad Fest’, on Friday.

DIMAPUR — Nagas are abusing Article 371 (A) and creating difficulties for the government to bring development in the state, opined Moa Aier, Engineer-in-Chief of Department of Power.

Aier was addressing the inaugural programme of Immanuel College’s annual ‘The Myriad Fest’ Vol.2 held here at the college campus, on Friday.

Questioning the gathering whether Nagas are enjoying or suffering living with Article 371 (A), he went to say that the state suffers from power cuts, bad roads, water scarcity, breakdown of law and order, poor public facilities and many others.

Asserting that Article 371 (A) is supposed to protect the land and resources of the Naga people, he however said that “we are misusing and abusing it and suffering because of it, instead of using it to protect us, we are using it to inflict pain upon us.”

Citing some examples how the people are abusing the article in the state, he said that the four-lane road between Kohima and Dimapur is not completed because in the name of Article 371 (A), people are creating all sort of difficulties that the concerned contractors are unable to work.

On the condition of power supply in the state, he shared that people complain about power cuts, but when the government wants to set up power stations, erect electric poles or generating stations, the same people insist that such developmental activities cannot be set up in their village or land, so the government becomes helpless.

On the issue of water scarcity, the engineer took the example of Kohima and said that it is man-made, because though there are plenty of water sources and streams in nearby villages, the villagers do not allow water pipes to cross their land or reach the capital city.

Maintaining that people need to become wiser and realise that destiny is in their own hands, Aier asked the youths to think critically, take decisive steps and work hard to bring positive changes for as better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, he also encouraged the students to know the balance between work and play. He advised the students not to attend college just “to waste time or get degrees but change their perspective and be aware of what they want to do in life.”

The two–day festival includes activities like cosplay, art competition, mobile gaming, spelling bee, poetry slam, fitness competition, voice of the Myriad, Mr and Miss Myriad, traditional games competitions and others.

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Feb 02, 2024 3:58:26 pm
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