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Are We Only This Much?

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2021 11:05 pm

The present government of Nagaland under the coalition political parties called progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA) have not lived upto the name and nomenclature. Progressive Democratic seem to be missing because progress is not much visible and democracy a sham as per democratic norm the single largest party should be given privilege to form government which was not .

Leaving the political scenario and its ills that over ran democracy; the present handling of pandemic by the state government need attention and constructive, healthy debate for the welfare of public without bias . It is indeed really shocking that inspite of the virus taking a huge toll on our state with so many deaths occurring on a daily basis, the state government headed by the Chief Minister have yet to constitute a Medical Task Force to monitor and give medical advise to the state government. This medical task force should constitute experienced medical professionals, (retired or serving) to give guidance, access gravity, forecast, etc. to prepare, assist the state govt. to face eventualities. At such a pandemic the state government should also use its wisdom to induct a medical professional to head the department. The medical department is of utmost importance as these are trying times and the state health department should, lead and spearhead the fight as the health of the state now mostly depends on the effort of the department. If profiles of the state Legislative Assembly Members prepared by Assembly Secretariat can be depended on, the present pl)/4- has a senior (3 time) MLA- from medical profession who can head the department instead of a lay politician with secular art background! A- lay man like me may find it mind boggling to even define what a virus is, forget the medical terminologies we have come to learn such as comorbidities, oxygen saturation, aerosols, thrombosis, etc.

Coming to the concerned present medical minister of GoN, it is highly regrettable to mention but our minister has miserably failed the Naga public. The only consolation for the public is the tweets of daily statistics of Covid positive and deaths which is shared from the minister’s Twitter account. Another sad episode that our health minister displayed on 4rd June 2021 was the press conference. The video showed the minister reading his statement from few printed pages! I am sure the media houses experienced first of its kind of such a press conference! If the concerned minister can’t take or don’t take questions from the journalists, I don’t know whether its sane to even call it a press conference? This episode has revealed the incapability of the minister, as seeing is believing. The department might have organised this press conference as damage control but rather it has at least revealed what was not known earlier by the public. God forbid but if the assessment that the third wave is yet to come and the government remains complacent and not put the right persons in the right post, we are headed for doom. The department is receiving the largest financial support and if the amount of money spent by the government for the pandemic is to be believed, a small state with not even the population of one sector of RK Puram colony in Delhi, should not be lacking medically to face this pandemic!

The people at the helm should seriously sit across the table and decide what is good for the public and not only stick to political privileges as these are trying times where the effort and contribution of the best of the best should be utilised. The government should not play with the lives of the public as without the public you are also just mere public. And dear Dimapurians, are the 5 MIA’s still alive? If anyone happens to see them convey my appreciation to them for maintaining the SoP of “social distancing” and religiously “washing their hands” at these hard times.

7th Mile Model Village

By EMN Updated: Jun 05, 2021 11:05:32 pm