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Appointments: Acaut and PSAN demand answers for ‘false claims’

By EMN Updated: Jul 29, 2018 11:27 pm

Dimapur, July 29 (EMN): The Against Corruption & Unabated Taxation (Acaut) and the Public Service Aspirants of Nagaland (PSAN) have demanded answers from the government of Nagaland for what the two organizations said was false claims in the court by the govt. representative over the issue of appointments.

The two organizations issued a press release on Sunday. The press release read: ‘On 26.7.18, when the additional advocate general of Nagaland claimed before the packed court that the 706 NPSC posts questioned in the writ petition were all non-sanctioned posts, the Acaut and PSAN members were shocked by the false claims. Therefore, we call for immediate clarification from the government to Acaut and PSAN and most importantly to the people of Nagaland in order to not complicate the issue any further.’

If the 706 posts were “non-sanctioned posts,” the organizations queried, “why were 11 doctors and 46 PGTs who were respondents in the court case considered for regularization in the Cabinet agenda on 11-11-17.”

Even after the high court stayed the ‘office memorandums’ dated “4.8.11 & 11.8.16 ordering regularization after three years of service,’ the Cabinet was about to regularize 304 posts without requisitioning the vacancies to the NPSC in the first place, the statement said.

According to the press release, the posts are 99 BDO, RDO, RDA posts in the RD department; 181 (134 for extension and 47 for regularization) in the Higher Education department; six in the DUDA; 11 medical officers in the Health and Family Welfare department; four planning assistants in the Planning and Coordination department; and three foremen in the Printing and Stationery department

“The regularization of the 304 mentioned posts were kept in abeyance due to the intervention of ACAUT and PSAN,” the press release stated.

Another matter that the press release stated was that the government had questioned the “locus standi of PSAN members before the court that they do not fulfill the required qualifications (post graduation and NET) to challenge the appointment of assistant professors before the court.”

But, the Acaut and the PSAN stated, ‘Even among the respondents, a good number of them were found to have been appointed without the requisite qualifications (without clearing NET) and that the government is randomly appointing those without the requisite qualifications in all the State-run colleges on contractual basis.’

The Acaut and the PSAN have demanded that the posts be requisitioned to the NPSC and recruitment be made through open competition.

The organizations have informed the “backdoor appointees and those standing against the fight against corruption” that the two are fighting for the future of the Naga people, which also includes their ‘sons and daughters.’

By EMN Updated: Jul 29, 2018 11:27:40 pm