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Appeal to All People and Organisations to Aid Peace Process: NSCN

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 11:30 pm

After many years of struggles and sufferings, the Nagas of all ages impatiently awaits the final moment to mark the end of political unrests and disputes with Govt. of India at the earliest. At this point of time, the so called NNPGs have tried to strike emotional chord and brain wash few individuals from present State of Nagaland without gauging the fact that, no single Naga wants to re-live in the past which is marked by bloodsheds and fighting amongst the Nagas themselves or with the Indian Arm Forces. The entire Naga populations are for peaceful political solution and to achieve that cherished goal, they had mandated the NSCN to seek an honourable and acceptable Political settlement with Govt. of India based on the unique history and situation of the Nagas.

The subservient attitude of the NNPGs makes them readily accept with spontaneity the dictates of their master, the agents of the Govt. of India. It is vague enough that the NNPGs is taking up the name of Nagas of Nagaland alone after accepting the laws of the land and Indian Constitution while all the Nagas are in support of the peace process. The NNPGs got easily carried away by the purported media reports that, the integration will not have any effect on the boundary of Manipur. They have completely lost their will power to fight for the rights of the Nagas and Naga Nation. The NNC/FGN had accepted the Indian Constitution at their own volitions while the Khehoi Campers and Reformation groups had accepted the law of the land( Indian Constitution) in signing the Cease fire then. And now it is reduced to a mere Suspension of Operations by GOI from this year on. The NNPGs have gone blur in their politiitcal visions by becoming the active agents of India and its agents and they had given up all hopes on themselves in regard to finding Naga political solution. The NNPGs are now fully committed in aggressively safeguarding the 16th.State of Indian Union not for the cause of the Naga’s rights and Naga Nation.

If at times, the GOI has some opinions which could hurt the interest and rights of the Nagas, the NSCN had not backed off nor yielded to the dictates and any attempt to impose their will on us. we have withstood selflessly all through these years of struggles. This firmness in the leadership with visions to lead the Nagas till the cherished goal had made it possible for the NSCN to sail through all obstacles and temptations reaching a point of hnourable solution acceptable to both sides. The NSCN had persevered through the decades and now the Nagas are on the verge of having the final settlement with India.

The NSCN/GPRN stands for all the Nagas, be it in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland State, Manipur or Myanmar. The efforts of the NNPGs to further divide the Nagas by trying to chalk out only for Nagas of Nagaland is against the Nagas common interests and it is an open treachery against Naga Nation. The NNPGs have exposed themselves to the people and to the world that, they are a mere tool of the Indian adversaries, the same device that divided the Naga nation without the consents of the land owners. The high level of politics with firmness by the NSCN has earned respects from the Govt. of India as the NSCN will never compromise the Sovereign rights of the Nagas unlike the NNPGs.

In spite of the good gestures of the NSCN/GPRN to come forward and strengthen the ongoing peace process, the NNPGS have resorted to instigating further fragmentations and divisions of the Naga Nation. Hence, based on their tones and actions, the NNPGs have forfeited the right to talk of the Nagas rights and Nagas Nation. Therefore, their own position should be understood from that perspective.

Apex Civil organizations like the United Naga Council are affiliated with the Naga Hoho, the Naga Women Union is affiliated with Naga Mothers Association, All Manipur Naga Students Association is affiliated with the Naga Students Federation. Similarly all such Naga organizations in other neighbouring states are also affiliated to the highest apex bodies of the Nagas. These are the bona fide legal organizations contributing towards the common causes of the Nagas, whereas, NTC and CNTC are not affiliated to the Naga Hoho which itself is crystal clear evidence that their sole objective is to further divide the Nagas and sabotage the historic political process.

The Nagas must be very cautious that, these organizations are fomenting destructiveness and they are sounding the alarms to reignite the flames of hatreds and conflicts amongst the Nagas again. These are completely against the wishes of the peace loving people and should never ever be allowed to befall on the Nagas again instead all efforts should be made to lead the Nagas towards an era of Political settlement, permanent peace, marked by generations of employments and better economic living conditions of the common people and in a world of our own where we can freely exercise our rights.

The NSCN/GPRN once again appeal for coming forward in support of the peace process as the doors are open for all those who are honestly concerned and committed towards finding honourable solution for the Nagas.

Issued by MIP

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 11:30:49 pm