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APO offers suggestions for better road work

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2019 12:17 am

Dimapur, Aug. 5 (EMN): The Angami Public organisation (APO) on Monday listed out a number of suggestions that may be implemented by authorities building public amenities in Nagaland’s capital, Kohima town.
The organisation issued a press release to the media on Monday expressing ‘full support and appreciation’ to the government of Nagaland for “taking up road construction, black topping of road, retaining wall, nullah construction, footpath and protection railing for pedestrian in the capital.”

“Since obtaining statehood we have not seen any proper and quality construction in the capital city, but now it is visible to everyone the good quality of work taking place in the town for which we appreciate the govt. of Nagaland,” the press release read.

Calling roads ‘the mirror of the state,’ the APO noted that many roads at various colonies in Kohima have been ‘developed,’ while also there are some areas that are yet to see such a development.

Here, the APO referenced “the road construction,” which it stated was on the verge of completion.
“…but we are apprehensive of the PHE dept. for they may start cutting off the road as is being witnessed a number of time (sic) in the past. Therefore, it is our concern that the concerned department lay out huge pipes wherever it is required before black topping of road, which can be followed by inserting of water pipes and cable lines,” the APO suggested.

“Although water is an essential part of our daily life, the PHE dept. is requested to use caution and care while taking up of the pipe line works.”

The APO asked the contractors and commercial establishments in the town to comply with a number of “directives.”
The APO stated its first suggestion: ‘Black topping’ should reach the ‘nullah’ on one side and on the other side the footpath. It stated that a small portion of the road left without black topping will spoil the road. ‘We request the contractors in Kohima town should take up this before completion of black topping,’ the APO stated.

The APO noted also that ‘road construction are yet to be covered’ in many colonies. Here, the group requested the govt. of Nagaland to “take up the said work as soon as possible.”

Likewise, shopkeepers along roads should clean their surroundings and road every morning before 5:00 am.
“If any shop fails to maintain proper hygiene, the civil societies may request the authority for cancellation of shop permit,” the APO asserted.

Further, the APO requested the government to take ‘initiatives with the contractors’ of the four-lane road to complete ongoing work within the stipulated time.

“We Nagas are suffering so much due to 4 lane construction (sic). The contractors should not prolong the work as every construction of road is given time duration of 3 years by the centre and already the 4 lane construction is running out of stipulated time frame since the beginning of the construction,” the press release added.

By EMN Updated: Aug 06, 2019 12:17:41 am