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Aoleang celebrated with traditional fervour

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2014 11:57 pm

Mon, April 3

Aoleang, the main festival of the Konyak Naga, was celebrated today at the local ground Mon Hq. with Angau I Thou, Deputy Commissioner, Mon, as the chief guest which was organized by the Konyak Union.
Tens of thousands gathered to witness and to take part in the celebration. The festival was observed with much pomp and fervor which also manifested various cultural troupes dressed in colourful traditional attire by participating in singing, dancing and merry making. The celebration venue was filled with the sounds of the muzzle loading guns, Gongs, Log drum, etc.
Lauding the Konyaks for working as a team in all matters, the chief guest viewed that although Mon district, known as the ‘land of Anghs’ where people were supposedly ruled by the monarch, has the distinct culture of taking opinion of the mass in all matters, before any decision is made.Lamenting that Mon district has the lowest literacy rate with highest gender disparity in terms of education, she appealed the gathering to give considerate efforts to impart quality education and raise the literacy rate of the district. She also appealed the youth to strive hard and take ‘one more step forward’ to come at par with others.
Also acknowledging the custom of seeking blessing/ intervention from the almighty in every aspect of their life, she urged upon the community to uphold the same and continue to keep up the faith in almighty God.
Other highlights of the day were cultural dance by Wakching area union, Longkei union, Chen union, Totok Union, Longwa Union, Hongphoi union, Shang Union, Sheanghah Union, Mon Union, Tobu area Union, Aboi area Union, Chi Uniojn, Tizit area Union, Tang Union, Leangha Union and Moka Union.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Hosea, general secretary of Konyak Union, while the invocation was said by M Chemyuh, executive secretary KBBB, welcome address by S Manlip Chohwanglim, president Konyak Union, and significance of Aoleang by A Shangkem, member of KU advisory board.

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