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Ao Senso Linük Tenzüker Telongjem undertake goodwill mission tour

By EMN Updated: May 20, 2017 11:07 pm

Dimapur, May 20 (EMN): Officials of Ao Senso Linük Tenzüker Telongjem (ASLTT) visited Merangkong village, the native village of late Imsongti (Angh), as part of its goodwill mission tour and held a historic and significant meeting with the Medemsanger Putu on May 18 and discussed matter related to the present status of Ao national workers and the importance of maintaining peace and unity.

Medemsanger Putu has appreciated the Ao national workers for taking the historic step by uniting the entire Ao (Naga) national workers which is the need of the hour and at the crucial juncture of Naga political movement. Medemsanger Putu also extended support ASLTT in all aspect so as to maintain peace and unity in the Ao area and in entire Nagaland.

Meanwhile, ASLTT goodwill team has thanked the Medemsanger Putu for their concern and support for peace and unity. It appealed all villages to abide by the rules and regulation of ASLTT so as to fulfil the aspiration of the Nagas and maintain peace and unity.

ASLTT has planned to continue its goodwill mission tour. It was reported that the entire members present in the meeting have put their signature as a sign of support and cooperation to achieve the objective of ASLTT.

By EMN Updated: May 20, 2017 11:07:59 pm