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Ao Senden, APO forge friendship to work together

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 02, 2017 11:21 pm

Mokokchung, May 2 (EMN): On May 2, as the Ao Nagas celebrated their premier festival, Moatsu, with the Angami Public Organization (APO) at the Imkongmeren Sports Complex in Mokokchung.
The post-sowing festival was transformed into a festival of brotherhood, reminding youngsters and the future generation about the need of unity among the Nagas today.
A highlight of the day was the exchange of a shield (Patsuu in Angami) and a spear (Thanyoo) of the Angami Naga.
“We don’t hand over the weapons to any friends or enemy in any other manner but with due honor to each other, we give it taking the support of the earth for which here I hand over the spear, the most dignified weapon of Angami to Ao Senden,” president of the APO Dr Vilhusa Seleyi said.
He asserted that, “together with these two items the APO would like to make a mention and make known to the Nagas that the Ao Senden and Ao people being recognized and declared as the most dignified warrior and leader of Nagas today.”
Following cultural dances and music, an ‘Aksu’, which is a symbolic gesture of forging friendship, was held between the two tribes.

Joint statement of APO and Ao Senden
During the event, the two organisations resolved to “work for peace, tranquillity and integrity of all the Nagas.”
It is our steadfast endeavour to approach all the tribal bodies to renew the effort to unify our people, the statement explained. “We must shed our tolerant ego and tribalistic character that has plagued our people and society. The inherent spirit of love that man should love his neighbours as himself is the approach towards a brighter future of our people.”
Further, the organisations stated “with conviction” that “we also recognize that our unity is the only process to bring healing and development.”
“Nagas are one and can never be otherwise. And believe that building bridges towards internal peace is the first essential step for achieving long term and sustainable peace in Nagaland,” another point to the statement said.
“It is an established fact that our political situation is at a very complex state which requires all Naga communities to give effort towards finding solution to the many issues and challenges our society is wrestling with.”
Therefore, the statement added, the festival “embodies the fostering of unity of Nagas beyond Ao Senden and APO.”
The statement was appended by Ao Senden’s Acting President C Angang Jamir, and Angami Public Organization’s President Dr Vilhusa Seleyi.

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 02, 2017 11:21:50 pm