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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Ao community in Delhi celebrates Moatsü

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 05, 2019 9:55 pm
Members of the Delhi Ao Senso Telongjem pose for a group photograph with the speaker on the occasion of Moatsu festival celebration on May 4.

Dimapur, May 5 (EMN): Delhi Ao Senso Telongjem (DAST) celebrated its premier festival ‘Moatsü’ with the participation of about 350 members including Ao in-laws and well wishers on May 4.

The programme began with a prayer said by Rev. Dr. Alemrenba, pastor of Delhi Ao Baptist Church, while the chairpersons of the programme, Tiamongla and Dr. Imtimangyang, gave a gist on the significance of Moatsu.

In his welcome address, Dr. Walunir, DAST president, stated that while histories of the world centred on rulers and statesmen, Ao oral history is replete with names of meritorious individuals who sacrificed and contributed to society in their best capacities. Amongst them, according to him, were Kika-suchir, Nokinketer and Arasentsur who earned name through ceaseless sacrifice and individual merit towards societal good.

“This is one main source of vigour of Ao societal life progress. The rest of societal vigour comes from sacrifices and free service rendered by sensible individuals,” he stated.

The main speaker of the programme, Akok Walling based his talk on the form, function, and philosophy of Ao tradition and culture. Stating that many aspects of the form and function of its tradition might have disappeared or become irrelevant today, he said the people could preserve the philosophy of Ao tradition.

Walling added that Aos today need a clear frame of reference for its identity and culture. He elaborated that there are two frames of reference for Aos today – Ao tradition and Christianity and that there are complimentary values in the two frames which should be used. He, however, stated that wherever there is conflict of values within the two frames, God’s word should stand.

Walling encouraged students, scholars and the learned Aos to go on learning different scholastic strands (humanism, post modernism, post structuralism, etc.) but should not throw the baby with the tub water and that Aos should remember to go down to their roots and filter the different forms of new learning and bring good fruits back home. Stating that Aos are individually capable and if required they could form a common front, he added that the right clarion call should be given at the right time. Walling concluded his speech by saying that Aos in Nagaland are expecting from Aos of Delhi to take initiative in giving out the right clarion call to its people back home.

On the occasion, DAST awarded ‘Temeranger Korang’ to Dr. Lanuwapang and Dr. Temsukala Jamir for ceaselessly and unconditionally sacrificing the best of their sources, talent and time for the life and progress of the Delhi Ao community.

The programme was marked by showcasing of folksongs by students, children and working youth of Delhi followed by indigenous dinner sponsored by Takatemsu Kichu and family. The programme concluded with a benediction said by Kiremwati Imchen.

By Our Correspondent Updated: May 05, 2019 9:55:29 pm