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ANTA reply to ANTA for “Service to Public” or “to Harass the Passenger”

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2016 12:04 am

Sir, With due respect and humble submission to kindly publish in your daily esteem paper. That Association thoroughly investigated the said case regarding the chumu taxi counter and found it was unfortunate, and the said story is found to be twisted by the passenger himself for his personal motives. The ANTA Dimapur unit is working tirelessly for the welfare of the society and the passenger without knowing the truth and the exact function of the ANTA norms he waywardly defaming the good image of ANTA is regrettable. If his case was genuine and he being an intellectual person he should first console the ANTA Office for further action but he failed to do so and blindly publishing in the daily news paper as well as in the social media has shown his personal interest to defame the Association, since his case has been far from the truth as stated, the Association request him to kindly approach the ANTA office for further clarifications during office hours.

The Association also warns its Taxi drivers to abide by the rules laid by the ANTA for the welfare of the passengers.

Ahoshe Chophi
General Secretary
ANTA Dimapur Unit;
Atoho Kinny
Action Committee Convener
ANTA Dimapur Unit

By EMN Updated: Oct 18, 2016 12:04:58 am