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Answers in the wind

By EMN Updated: Feb 23, 2014 1:03 am

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Chinese whisper of ‘will he, won’t he’ regarding the candidacy of the incumbent Chief Minister contesting the Lok Sabha polls has finally ended . This with the final seal of approval from the constituent partners of the Naga People’s Front led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland and acceding to Rio’s expressed desire to contest the same. Eyebrows have been raised and quizzical postures set up as to how Rio’s ascent into national politics (in the event of a victory) will help the state and its myriad issues, the complex Naga political issue being one.What is however not being examined with equal stimulus and close inspection is the importance in the age of ‘television politics’ for the north east region to have a leader in the Parliament who can succinctly spell out (in TV jargon give bites) the issues face d by the region. And that happens to be the Chief Minister of Nagaland, a man with experience in politics unrivalled by those who have represented the region in the parliament.Assam MP’s such as BK Handigue, Pawan Singh Ghatowar, and Agatha Sangma daughter of Purno Sangma from Meghalaya have even held Ministerial portfolios but the region has accrued little benefit.
The next popular question is that of the next Chief Minister ( i.e in the event of Rio winning the polls and deciding to retain the Lok Sabha seat). The names of G Kaito Aye, to T R Zeliang and Noke Konyak appear in the list of ‘likelies’. Best if the NPF members and DAN constituents arrive at a consensus on the issue.
But if suggestions are forthcoming perhaps a conclave like the ones the cardinals hold for the selection of the Pope will throw some inspiration.
After all the process of the conclave is very secretive, introspective and democratic, with no member allowed to talk to the outside world about deliberations or voting. In modern times, it is common for three or four of the Cardinals to be known by name as the favorites to become Pope. Each of the Cardinals have one vote each. The Cardinal winning 2/3 of the vote is elected Pope. Votes are held twice in the morning and twice at noon till somebody is elected. The Papal selection is signaled by a White Smoke.
In Nagaland we will get to know in a Chinese whisper

By EMN Updated: Feb 23, 2014 1:03:42 am