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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Nagaland, Wokha

Another major landslide stalls work at NH-2

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Jun 23, 2022 6:47 pm

Our Correspondent
Wokha, June 23 (EMN):
Road construction and traffic movement at National Highway 2 have once again been hindered due to incessant rains triggering landslides along the 97 kilometer stretch from Wokha towards Mokokchung district.

General Manager of Anusha Road Construction Private Limited, MS Reddy, told Eastern Mirror that the works have been “jeopardised” since all machinery had been placed at the landslide area. The landslide is massive, he said, and added it has been causing traffic problems as mudslides are constant.

He said the unstable soil condition is one of the major problems and many road construction materials that had been stocked for the works are being buried due to the landslide.

He also said that there is fear of losing the mother road at 97+500 (97 km 500 metre) due to dragging of land below the road area.

He informed that many landslides are occurring along the entire stretch of the road construction while this is the fourth major landslide at that particular area, which has caused a major hit to the firm.

He said that on June 22, at around 9 pm, vehicles moving towards Mokokchung could hardly be pushed forward while vehicles coming from Mokokchung were stopped due to up (steep) gradient to avoid any eventualities.

“Machineries are in action for a fast recovery,” he informed, adding that this will continue to be a problem until the monsoon season is over and until they are able to construct breast walls.

He expressed that the construction company is currently facing land sliding, while landowners were not allowing them to clear the Right Of Way (ROW) because their land slides down as and when mud removal works were engaged.

Despite consistent efforts done by the workers and machinery along the stretch, continuous sliding of marshy soils was reported till Thursday (June 23) morning. It was only around 3 pm that traffic movement had eased along the highway.

He further warned drivers to maintain a limit speed in order to avoid road accidents during the time of monsoon, as earth cutting and road construction of works are being engaged at the site.

By Abenthung Kikon Updated: Jun 23, 2022 6:47:08 pm
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