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Another fire incident in Dimapur marks Fire Service Week

By EMN Updated: Apr 21, 2014 12:41 am

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THE culmination of ‘Fire Service Week’ on Sunday was marked by another fire incident and rendering 8 families homeless again in Dimapur.
The incident occurred at Naharbari Dimapur around 10.30 a.m when fire department across the nation was observing culmination of Fire Service Week and Dimapur Nagaland Fire Services (NFS) had to be busy dousing off the inferno. Three fire engines were pressed into service for atleast half an hour to control the inferno which is said to have occurred due short circuit.
The fire engulfed two houses which housed 8 families, both local and non-local damaging around Rs 20-30 lakh worth property. The Fire Department officials also disclosed that cash amounting to Rs 5 lakh vanished in the fire.
The Fire Service Week was kicked off on April 14 with the state Fire Service department organising mock drills to create awareness on fire safety.
In Dimapur the department organized street play across the town and displayed a mock drill at Namgarh Hr.Sec.School.
On the occasion, staffs of NFS Dimapur however, revealed that many people are still in slumber and that the mock drills could not create much impact in their minds and expressed apprehension that similar misfortunes could still happen.
Explaining to Eastern Mirror on how important each minute is during a rescue operation, the staffs of Dimapur fire service said traffics don’t ease the smooth entry to calamity spots to pace up rescue works.
The officials also stated that alarmed residents also obstruct the entry of fire brigade by laying their belongings on the road which they say is the ‘extreme situation’ they face for smooth execution of their duty.
“If we get proper traffic clearance and cooperation from the public than we can be successful in preventing major fires” they added.
Every mishap leaves firemen with injuries and they are unconcerned about their injuries where helmets and firefighter boots protects them. Facilities like breathing masks, gloves and fireproof jackets are the need of the hour for them which will protect from poisonous fumes, harmful chemical risks and gases and gloves which will offer flexibility, handiness and on the whole comfort to the fire services while going through the debris and in their rescue operation as well.
Unfortunately NFS staffs lament that except for helmet and boots they do not have the basic equipments which they say is the need of the hour.
NFS Dimapur Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Sentichuba told Eastern Mirror that during the Fire Service Week a total of 6 fire incidents have been reported in and around Dimapur.
Giving out an imperative note the police personnel of NFS called upon the public to call the department and the power department in time of fire incident so that the main line of the concern area is cut off as this cause inconvenience for fire service to execute their duties which is dangerous.
She also disclosed that the telephone number of department is being misused very often and cited a number of insensitive individuals trying to play prank on them by giving out false information.
So on the occasion, NFS Dimapur has appealed the public to respect and cooperate with the department and abstain from misusing their number.

Fire incidents in the month of April

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April 19 Bank Colony
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