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Angami Sports Association 50th meet enters day-four, Nasa leads medal tally

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 17, 2022 10:09 pm
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A badminton match in progress at Kohima on Thursday. (EM Images)

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Kohima, Feb. 17 (EMN): The ongoing Angami Sports Association (ASA) 50th meet entered day-four in Kohima on Thursday.

Northern Angami Sports Association (Nasa) are leading the medal tally with 26 gold, 29 silver and 11 bronze, while Southern Angami Sports Association (SASA) are trailing behind with 11 gold, 10 silver and 10 broze.

Western Angami Youth Organisation (Wayo) with two gold, one silver and two bronze are in the third spot and CYO are in the fourth with two gold, one silver and one bronze.

In men’s volleyball, Sasa defeated Nasa, while Sasa (women) also beat Nasa in the category and Wayo defeated Nasa in football (men).

In table tennis (men’s singles),  Seyievilie Seyie (Nasa) beat Kevilevor Metha (Nasa), while Zelhouneinuo Rame (Nasa) defeated Thejavinuo Rio (Nasa) in the women’s category.

Vizosanyü Rutsa and Thejangutuo Solo of  Nasa beat  Kevilevor Metha and   Dziesevituo Metha who were also also from Nasa in table tennis (men’s double). In table tennis (women’s double), Vichaduonuo Rame and Ketoulhounuo Rame from Nasa defeated Kevilenuo Pfusenuo and  Kevisenuo Pfusenuo, also  from Nasa.

In badminton (men’s singles), Vikehietuo Kense of Nasa defeated Ayo Sakhrü of Sasa, while in badminton (women’s singles), Nguluonuo Miachie-o from Nasa defeated Ruokuoneinuo Kire, also from Nasa.

Vikehietuo Kense and Zhakuo Seyie from Nasa beat Akhrietuo Suokhrie and Teisovise Khruomo, also from Nasa in badminton men’s double. In badminton women’s double, Nguluonuo Miachie-o and Dzüziengunuo Linyü from Nasa beat Ruokuokhrienuo Chadi and Vizophrenuo Semou, also from Nasa.

In badminton mixed doubles, Rüvuokhrielie Roland Pienyü and Ruokuoneinuo Kire from Nasa defeated Viriako Chase and Kevisekho-ü Kuotsu of Wayo.

On Friday, Naga wrestling (senior category) will commence at Khuochiezie local ground.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 17, 2022 10:09:41 pm
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