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Angami celebrates Sekrenyi festival at Kisama Heritage Village

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 26, 2021 11:32 pm

Kekrie Pfükha (fourth from right) along with Sayo, Nayo, Wayo and CYO officials during the Sekrenyi at Angami morung at Kisama Heritage Village on Thursday. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kisama, Feb. 26 (EMN): The Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) along with its frontal organisations organised the Angami Sekrenyi, the premier festival of Angami tribe, at Angami morung at Kisama Heritage Village, Kohima, on Thursday.

While extending greetings on the occasion as the special guest, Zale Neikha, advisor of Youth Resources and Sports, said ‘Angamis are lagging behind other tribes although they live peacefully in the capital city’.

Stating that there are only about 9 AHoD and 8 HoD, 32 NCS and 18 NPS out of 70 departments in the state, he expressed dissatisfaction that numbers of officers from Angami tribe in the service are very less comparatively. He went on to stated that there is barely a single IAS and IPS from the community, Neikha asked the gathering to retrospect the stand of the Angamis.

Reminding that there is less employment opportunity in the government sector now, he urged the educated youngsters to earn their livelihood commercially. He cited examples how one could set up business in districts like Kohima or Dimapur and make a living.

“If you are educated, you should know how to earn your livelihood,” he said, while pointing out that their academic knowledge will boost their business.

He also called upon the elders on the need to promote the  rich culture and tradition so that younger generation could follow suit.

While dwelling on the significance of Sekrenyi, AYO advisor Dr. Vilhusa Saleyi, stated that the festivity is celebrated seeking blessings from Almighty. He added that on such occasion, one does not hurt the other either through his/her action or words, adding that such merrymaking has a meaningful purpose.

‘For many generations, our parents had celebrated Sekrenyi with blessings from God while they led a peaceful life in unity and in harmony with others,’ Saleyi said.

He further reminded the youngsters to celebrate the festivity with the hope of  sharing “their blessings” with their families, relatives and society while safeguard and protect their land.

AYO president, Kekhrie Pfükha, shared that “Sekrenyi is a time of purification and sanctification”. He added that ‘it has come a long way and it is our earnest wishes that the bonding among the Angami family should grow and prosper, with love and understanding’.

Meanwhile, Neiba Bio, environment secretary of AYO, informed Eastern Mirror that the number of guests attending the festival was in accordance with the existing Covid-19 SOPs for preventive measures against the pandemic disease.

Delegates from Southern Angami Youth Organisation (Sayo), Northern Angami Youth Organisation (Nayo), Western Angami Youth Organisation (Wayo) and Chakro Youth Organisation (CYO) and the frontal organisations and others attended the festival.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 26, 2021 11:32:38 pm