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Saturday, June 03, 2023

ANCF seeks unity for Naga political solution

By EMN Updated: Sep 30, 2021 11:20 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 30 (EMN): All Naga Catholic Federation (ANCF) has sought unity for an inclusive and honourable Naga political solution in the journey of common hope, while it also appealed to the government of India to be extra sincere towards finding an honourable and acceptable solution to the on-going Nag political dialogue.

ANCF made this appeal during its consultative meeting held on September 24 and 25 at Diocesan Social Service Society (DSSS), Mantripukhri, in Imphal, Manipur. An update from ANCF convenor, Sulanthung Humtsoe, and the general secretary, David Anal, stated that Rev. Dr. TS Dominic spoke on the theme “Peace and justice” and “Updating and deliberation on the Naga peace process,” during the meeting.

ANCF called upon the Nagas to talk to each other and find a prevalent ground that realistically composed the non-negotiable position for an inclusive, honourable and acceptable solution based on the unique history and situation of the Nagas.

ANCF opined that Nagas currently seemed to be living in a “caged societies” planted and nurtured by the ideological, organisational and politico-administrative territorial divides exasperated by the propensity to foster an overriding loyalty to one’s own ethnic and chronic tribal communities.

Meanwhile, ANCF affirmed to stand firmly on the bedrock of Naga political movement and historical rights. While asserting its belief that “Nagas are one,” ANCF stated that the only way forward is to settle difference through dialogue within the Naga family and to be unified in common purpose by agreeing to intersect at a non-negotiable locus for recognition of the identity of the Nagas as epitomise in the flag, constitution and fidelity to the Naga ancestral homeland.

It also asserted that the Nagas’ struggle for self determination was a “collective birthright that is irrevocable on all of us.” While stating that the struggle should be adulated as sacrosanct and elephantine, ANCF expressed believe in unity for an inclusive and honourable Naga political solution.

ANCF further urged the Naga people to work in the best interest of Naga people as a whole irrespective of their sizes and border. It stated that all are equal partners in the common quest for the Naga right to self-determination.

By EMN Updated: Sep 30, 2021 11:20:19 pm