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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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An Honest Appeal to Whomever Concerned

By EMN Updated: May 23, 2019 12:11 am

Head of departments specially the technical and medical should be given opportunities to serve in the capacity of secretary and not just retire as Chief. One good reason behind the slow growth of Nagaland technically, which is also suppressing all other round development could be “Technical Departments Given Charge to Non-Tech Secretaries” (Not undermining the non-tech)

What if
1) A person with no knowledge about building construction, roads, brides or Do’s and Dont’s of engineering is being made the head (It is almost like a person given the charge of Hindi department in an institution who does not know how to read or write Hindi)

What if
2) Someone with no knowledge of transformer, generators and power generation etc. is made the secretary of power department (The previous example can be compared with)

What if
3) A person with nil information and knowledge of highways or roads is made the secretary of NH ( what benefit will it give the public)

What if
4) A person who never heard about routers , switches, web designs etc. is made the secretary of IT department (The first same example is applicable)

Citing some technical imbalances in our Kohima city.
A good number of residential buildings and private owned structures inKohima have crossed various limitations as being specified and allotted as per the area’s earthquake zone(or Do’s and Don’ts of Engineering, which are specifically designed/framed for human safety) 2, 3 floors more than allotted. It must have been that the owner of the structure or the person who issued the construction permit is unaware of the consequences it may bring about.

A small wave /frequency of natural disaster / earthquake is more than enough to bring down the whole building , which may cause many precious lives within the building and the neighbouring houses as well.

A small miscalculation could bring about huge disasters. One can survive in +50’C temperature but one can never survive in -50’C temperature, which is well understood by a technical person.( Not under estimating the non-tech)

Which is why it is 100 times better to let the head of departments specially the technical who are specialised in their own field with so many years of experience be made the caretaker and guide of his department in the level of secretary than to bring someone from other field with no knowledge of that particular field where he/she will be made to serve as the secretary.

If a Mechanical Engineer who served his department in the capacity of Chief Engineer is made the secretary of his own department. Maximum efficiency and output could be expected from that person as being specialised in that field with many years of experience rather than to bring a doctorate in history with no knowledge of mechanical engineering where zero output is the most to be expected.

It is just a self-observation and an honest appeal, (not at all pointing out anyone in particular).

Meshenlo Kath

By EMN Updated: May 23, 2019 12:11:44 am