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An appeal to the Naga Political Groups (NPGs), Naga Legislators and a challenge ahead for the new and emerging generation

By EMN Updated: Mar 15, 2014 9:37 pm

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave we ever heard! States or country achieved Sovereignty or an Independence without having mutual unity among their society? if I am not mistaken ! I do not come across or find such content in the history of the world and at the same time never can we expect it to happen as disunity can only bring destruction, Disharmony and deterioration and ultimately lead to a total devastation of our Society i.e. Socially, Politically, economically and vice versa.So, Can the Nagas Political Groups(NPGs) sought or get an Independent for the Nagas (Nagaland) under the ambit of present atmosphere of Disunity ?(i.e. Different Factions/Groups among the Nagas Nationalist or Freedom Fighter ). My simple and realistic answer to it will be a huge “No and Never”. To be frank and Liberal, until and unless, we the Nagas come under one umbrella and speak with one ‘voice and tongue’, The question of sovereignty or an Independence will be out of our reach and not less than a ridiculous .I affirmed that those NPGs or Political Parties who think that their Faction/Group or Party alone can bring due right , Justice and an Independence to the Nagas (Nagaland) by pressurizing ,Negotiating or through political dialogue with the Govt. of India then I think that Faction/Group or Political Party should be treated as a traitors for the Nagas because that assurance of bringing out a solution for the Nagas by one individual Faction/Group or political party will be out of question and constitute a blatant and shrewd lie in a reality. Since, Irrespective of the existences of Different Factions/Groups all of them are thriving and fighting for the same Cause and no one is above one another and to summed-up with, above all we all are Nagas in common.
Is not all these factions/Groups have the same motive, Objective and aspiration? If Yes then why these multi Factions/ Groups or Is all those Factions/Groups functioning for their personal motive and Materialistic gain or for a particular tendencies!
I wonder, How the representative of our Nagas Nationalist or freedom fighter talks or negotiate with the Govt. of India by overtaking and bypassing one another. Sometimes ,Don’t we think that the Govt. of India “Political Dialogue Representative “ might used to make Fun off or laugh at us (Nagas) because they knows and we knows that we can’t expect to get or win Freedom under the aegis’s of Disunity and under the existence of different Factions/Groups as a “Crippled cannot be expected and ask for a walk and stand” . Thus, One fine day even if the centre come to a conclusion to concede an Independent to the Nagas by taking into account of our different “Identity and Legitimate Right “ they will never-ever take such an insane proclamation under the prevailing scenario and circumstances as such If the same trend, Policies and approaches of our Nagas continue unabated without undergoing changes in the form of Integration ,Unification or Unity, Hence, The negotiation and political Dialogue between the Govt. of India ,Nagas Political Groups (NPGs) and the Govt. of Nagaland will go on like a story of ‘Tom and Jerry’ in which general populace can only expect ‘Drama and an Entertainment’ and nothing else. Perhaps, The challenge and a time has come for the new and emerging generation to awake from our elongated slumber and to do justice to ourselves and to our Nagas as a whole by contributing ourselves in the Freedom Struggle by giving our best Endeavour in whatever possible ways we can contribute towards the attainment of our Nagas Independent or Freedom. we must not and should never shy away or hesitate to share productive and Fruitful suggestion for the better and prosperous future of our Nagas.
Nevertheless , I am not trying to compare Nagas Freedom Struggle for an Independent with the India Freedom Struggle against the British Imperialism and their ruled over India but the history of the world is the witness that every Nationalist or Freedom Fighter of different Nation derived immense inspiration ,Motivation and lesson from the leaders of the other Nation and from the happenings in an around the world.
The Britisher’s came to India as a traders in 1600 A.D ( East India Company) and finally ruled India up to 1947 till the attainment of India Independence on 15th of August 1947. ( the Britishers ruled India almost for 4th centuries i.e. from 1600-1947 ). So ,they ruled India not only because of their unity ,Strength and mighty power but also by virtue of their innovative ideas and policy which ultimately tend to lure and work against the mighty Indians and among them the most notable was the policy of ” Divide and Rule “ introduced by Lord Curzon, which was instituted to created division among the “Hindu and Muslim Unity” in order to normalized and stabilized their authority and to prolonged their ruled over the India for an indefinite period of time.
So, Is the Govt. Of India also applying similar policy or Yardstick towards the Nagas ? such as by enacting special provision for the Nagaland (article: 371 A), Providing Special Financial packages, Grant in Aid(Article :275),Breeding different underground Faction/Groups, Demand for Eastern Nagaland and Many more.
I am worried and delighted too because I could feel and sense some kind of “Civil War “ like situation is nearing in Nagaland as the General Public has totally lost their ‘Faith and hope’ against the trio of Government of India , Nagas Political Groups (NPGs) and the Corrupted Government of Nagaland
In the unending process of Nagas Freedom Struggle ,Thousands of precious life has been lost, thousands mercilessly tortured, raped, killed, becomes homeless ad stranded and if not all ,majority of the Nagas are struggling hard for a daily bread and for the survival ,the reason for which need not to be express in detailed as every household is aware of it but I think we have not move an inch forward ,we are still stuck at the foot step of our fore-fathers from where they began their journey and their dream for the attainment of an Independent for the Nagas because we are still disintegrated, Disillusion and do not know where we are standing and heading !.
S0, the only way out and a solution to our long pending Problems can be solved through a comprehensive and decisive “Civil war” among the Nagas both against the tyranny and clutches of the different Factions /Groups and against the “Puppet of the centre “ i.e the Government of Nagaland.
Hence, It’s our earnest plea to all the Factions/Groups to come under one roof and reunited themselves so that we could collectively work together and bring out a solution to our Nagas Freedom Struggle through Collective effort by imparting the spirit of oneness and unity in our future course of freedom struggle. If not the new and emerging generation do not want to heard any more ‘intangible and luring’ promises either from the Government of India nor from the NPGs or from the Government of Nagaland .Everything has a time and limit. So let us be a”bundle of stick “and not a ‘single stick’.
So, are we ready for a civil war! Yes I am! therefore if the NPGS and corrupted Government of Nagaland do not want to deviate from their stand of disunity and misgovernance then I must say that they should pave the way for the new and emerging generation of today we will revamp, reform and create a ‘New Nagaland’ and bring out a solution and remedies to the vexed Nagas Problems by incorporating the principle of cohesive effort and united decision making body presumely body such as of “People or Forum for Naga Independent ” the members of which will consist of collective NPGs Leaders, Nagas Legislators, Naga Hoho ,NSF, Renown and eminent bureaucrats ,social worker and a dignified person of general consensus .we cannot expect to win an Independent by overnight .Thus ,a powerful ,uncorrupted and progressive collective decision making body and pressure group is the need of an hour to fight collectively for the Nagas Cause.
At penultimate, If we can’t reshape or reorganize our Nagaland promptly then the days are not so far when our Nagaland will be rated as a “horrendous and dreadful place to live in” due to conflagration, corruption, extortion, Starvation, internal aggression , price rise accompanied with manifold crisis and issues and the very Dream of our Nagas for an ’ Independence Day’ will always be in vain and shatter.
Amento s Chishy, Dimapur,Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Mar 15, 2014 9:37:56 pm