Sunday, September 25, 2022
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An Appeal

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2022 8:36 pm

It is a privilege that Kohima was selected a Smart City and with that various very welcoming developments are happening. It is the expectation of the citizens that the works will be completed within prescribed norms and within the time stipulated. It is learnt that many projects had been completed and many more in the pipeline. Though many questions persist in our minds, a small suggestion is being put forth for the ongoing works at the Kohima Local Ground, Khuochiezie.

Kohima Local Ground Khuochiezie had been a pride of Kohima since long back. Being very accessible the ground had served as the main entertainment centre for the citizens of Kohima. The ground had served the youth, rain or shine. The ground had been the training ground, the scouting ground and the completion ground for many talents. It served as a resting place for the elderly and also the tourists. It served as a venue for every important function and mass gatherings. Historical events of the British and the Kewhimia in the ground are still talked about.

Citing these few points, it is appeal that the project should not be confined to only changing the outlay of the ground. There is underutilised area which can be used to make the ground more grand. Vehicular parking, entry and exit, player’s rest rooms, changing rooms, guest rooms, officials rooms, catering rooms, public utility rooms, medical emergency rooms, offices and spectators passageway are some very important factors that will determine the standard of the ground.

It is certain that the work had started with detailed project report. It will be in the interest of the citizens if the public can be made aware of the DPR and admire the progress and the quality of the work being undertaken. This can be done by displaying boards with pictures of the architectural outlay of the project in both the northern and southern gates, with the details of the project, especially the time of completion.

There is a strong conviction in the minds of the people that the work being executed in the heart of the city will be world class, and as such the transparency on the part of the government of the day, with regards to the scope of works, be maintained.

Kesao Kesiezie
Kohima Village

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2022 8:36:59 pm