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All Nagas for a Higher Goal – Naga Hoho Search Committee

By EMN Updated: Feb 15, 2019 10:07 pm

Nagas today appear to be undergoing a crisis of Identity. From the actions we are questioning the often declared statement that ^The Nagas as one people^. So far, we’re unable to define its scope and its practical implication that is consensus and acceptable to all the Nagas to guide toward a common destiny, otherwise it remains merely an empty political slogan. On this issue, there is an apparent perceptive difference or confusion in understanding it’s interpretations or its implication in the minds of many Nagas.

For whatever the reason, today the nationalistic impulses and feeling of oneness and goodwill toward each other which was strong in the past is now waning giving way to tribalism, short sighted conflict of interest and personal rivalries. Naga leaders began to identify more on the diversities and distinctive characteristic of each tribe rather than developing a common road map for all Nagas to journey together toward a common future with understanding as visualised by our pioneering leaders thereby forging an strong unity with a feeling for one another which has sustained so long for nearly a century of common struggle for a cause.

Today, apparently the fatigue syndrome is setting in and divisive tendency and Intolerance towards each other has percolated into the entire fabric of our society. The Naga are so divided in all spheres of life, whether in politics, in religion or in civil society. Exaggerated tribal disparities, regional differences, tribal and group rivalries are written and spoken about endlessly in public gathering and in print media which confuses and divide the minds of the common people eroding the feeling of unity needed to forge bonding together.

Unfortunately the Naga HoHo -which represents the pinnacle of the Naga Social unity, is no exception. It has also been affected badly by the virus of disunity, divisiveness and Intolerance. The organisation has been facing a series of controversies not allowing to function normally especially the last tenure which is on extended term. We are drawing apart in the line of individual tribal hohos, regional grouping e g (ENPO, CNTC ,TPO, UNC, Nagas of Nagaland & Outside etc).The factionalism in both overground and underground organisations has been the order of the day which is the biggest obstacle that impede all efforts of the Naga. Most unfortunate.

The HoHo organisation has also been over politicised. It has not been able to maintain political neutrality for quite a while thereby becoming more and more controversial. The organisation can certainly play a positive role in politics on merit as a collective watch dog.It can provide an issue -based strong support or oppose the government concerning the welfare of the Naga people. But should not play a subservient role to any party government of the day for the sake of survival of the HoHo. For all these reasons, the very survival of the Naga HoHo has now become a serious concern of all.

The voice of the HoHo was once considered as all the Naga collective legitimate voice and was widely respected not only in the national level but also at the global fora as well. But today it is losing that recognition for our own folly. Thus it is incumbent on our part to redeem that status.

The members of the HoHo new team Search Committee (though not devoid of controversy in its appointment) are concerned about the fundamental importance of reinvigorating the HoHo for the survival of the Naga Social unity that binds and grow as One community.

The members, not as the representative of their respective tribe but as an individual member of the Naga community, accepted the assignment to try searching for a new team. The members of the new team would not be only knowledgeable but among the Naga best mind to lead the HoHo destiny keeping the delicate balancing of different interest groups. The team should be one which think,believe and act beyond the prejudices of individual tribal interest for the benefit of larger common welfare and goal. We intend to suggest the new team after wider consultation with the stakeholders mainly the tribal HoHos. Let us climb downfrom the mountain of pride to lift up the broken lives of those in the valley of despair.

We the search team, appeal to all fair minded Naga who are concerned about the common welfare to support and cooperate with the effort to save and strengthen the HoHo organisation to pursue the unfinished task of making the Nagas as one Naga for a higher goal.

TN Mannen – (Convener)
Niketu Iralu – Member
Dr. P Ngully – do
Kho John – do
Inavi Swu – (Member Secy)

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