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‘All for one, one for all’

By EMN Updated: Dec 08, 2013 12:59 am

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The first Raising Day celebration of the Central Nagaland Tribal Council (CNTC) on Saturday at Town Hall, Dimapur witnessed the constituent members reaffirming their commitment to work for the “larger interest of the Nagas” and shape the CNTC into an “All for One and One for All” organization.
“As responsible major tribes of the state of Nagaland, it is the bounden duty of CNTC to bring about unity among the different tribes of Nagaland without isolating any tribe. With this objective we will strive to form a united Naga family to protect our rights and aspirations,” said the CNTC president, Ntsemo Ngullie.
He also reflected on factor(s) that led to the formation of the CNTC. “This is a memorable moment to share the joy and happiness of the three brother tribes of Nagaland which congregated to raise a joint common front when the rest of the tribes of Nagaland formed their blocks leaving the three major tribes of Nagaland namely Ao, Sema and Lotha isolated.”
“The leaders of the three tribes pondered over the serious matter and after having several rounds of talks unanimously decided to launch a platform by the nomenclature Central Nagaland Tribal Council,” Ngullie said.
“Naga leaders should shed off personal interest and gains of greed and think about common interest for social values to bring about a harmonious, united and vibrant Naga society,” Ngullie shared.
Representatives from the three constituent tribes also shared solidarity messages on the occasion. Dr Sangyu Yaden, the president of Ao Senden said, “We should never ever forget the larger interest of the Nagas.”
He reminded that Nagas are currently passing through a “crucial time” in which “we are socially divided, politically tribal-oriented and morally bankrupt.” Against such a backdrop, he said, the CNTC must not fail to live up to its commitment(s).
Pius Lotha, representing Lotha Hoho Dimapur, remarked on how Nagas have “opened our eyes and ears” after the formation of CNTC last year. “We (CNTC) have achieved more than 15% of our dream,” he said. Lotha also counseled the CNTC members to stick to the path of truth while cautioning that “Nagas do not want to listen to truth.”
President of the Village Chiefs’ Union of Western Sumi region, Isahoto Zhimomi, speaking on behalf of the Sumis expressed “unflinching support” to the CNTC. “Let this organization be, all for one and one for all,” he shared in his brief message.
Representatives from Officers’ Union of each tribe also spoke on the occasion.

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