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Akummika to share stage with Megadeth at Shillong on Oct 23

By EMN Updated: Oct 06, 2015 10:57 pm

Nagaland’s new electronic rock duo ‘Akummika’ is all set to perform at NH7 Weekender, Shillong on October 23 and 24 sharing the stage with Megadeth and several other top artists from around the country.
Akummika comprising of Dj Sumika on the synthesizer, sampling maschine and Imkumer Jamir(Akum Jams) on the guitar and synths has become a sensation within a short span as the duo introduced a new genre of music by playing live in various events around Nagaland such as Cosfest, Oztronic, Upstairs and Worl Music Day. NH7 Weekender is dubbed as the biggest and happiest music festival held in multiple cities in India where multiple stages are set in one venue with different genres performing live for what is dubbed as the new Woodstock. As soon as Akummika’s music style and live videos became viral around the country among music lovers, the band has been offered contracts to tour to play in several cities including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Fans can follow the band in their facebook page Akummika.

By EMN Updated: Oct 06, 2015 10:57:53 pm