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Akato wounded and offended Naga tribes—WC-NNPG

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2021 10:20 pm

Dimapur, Nov. 21 (EMN): The Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPG) on Sunday asserted that the decision of the Akato Chophi-led group to split from NSCN(R) was in defiance of the undertaking signed on Oct. 22, and therefore it supported the resolution of the Wangtin-led NSCN(R) to expel its vice-president for ‘anti-party activities’.

“While betraying the NSCN(R) he has also deeply wounded and offended Naga tribes and civil societies at this juncture. A person who had defected on multiple occasions from one to another organisation for his personal glory and monetary gain should not talk about the constitution of NSCN,” a statement from the committee informed.

Meditations of WC-NNPG Convenor N Kitovi Zhimomi and co-convenors to bury the differences within NSCN(R) had been discarded, it read.

It said that Chophi’s justification of defending the constitution of NSCN was unfounded as he had infringed ‘every provision of the NSCN constitution to elevate himself’.

“The act of insubordination of NSCN(R)’s formation and wilful defiance of the collective undertaking has led to his expulsion from both the NSCN(R) and WC-NNPG,” it said.

Furthermore, WC-NNPG said that retaining the same nomenclature held no basis as he had already been ‘ex-communicated from the NSCN(R) and deviated from NNPG principle’.

“Henceforth, he possesses no moral authority to represent the Naga political issue in any capacity. The removal of NSCN (R) Vice President Mr Akato from the WC platform shall have no negative bearing on the stature of the NNPGs or the concluded formal talks,” it clarified.

It has nothing to do with the ongoing political process with the GOI, it stated.

WC-NNPG further urged the national workers at Hoito village to return to the Wangtin-led NSCN(R) headed by President Y Wangtin Naga and Ato Kilonser P Tikhat.

“This is a Naga issue and not of the clan, personal affinity or family connections. This is time to contribute to nation building and not idol worshipping. The dissident elements with mala fide intention will have no role to play in the Naga polity and every right thinking Naga citizens including the business community must desist from extending any form of sympathy, material, financial supports or taxation,” read the statement.

It also resolved to uphold the decision of 14 Naga tribal hohos and other frontal Naga organisations to not entertain the formation of any new political faction.

“WC-NNPG, with solidarity and prayer support of Naga tribes and apex civil societies, will collectively strive towards finding an honourable and acceptable political solution without further delay,” it added.

Akato Chophi-led NSCN(R) declares status as ‘separate entity’

Meanwhile, in a separate statement on Sunday, the Akato Chophi-led NSCN(R) declared its status as a ‘separate entity’ and announced its separation from the WC-NNPG.

It further reaffirmed its stand made on Nov. 19 to split from the Wangtin-led NSCN(R) and to ‘uphold the NSCN Yezabo and party discipline’.

The group also reiterated its declaration to maintain the ‘unilateral ceasefire with the Government of India’

By EMN Updated: Nov 21, 2021 10:20:42 pm