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Agony schooling in Chen

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:56 pm

S Henlly Phom

AWAY from the city, folks of Chen town of Mon District are busy with their household chores, children are on their way to school as the traditional woven Konyak bags dangle down their shoulders. Some of the children are already settled in the classrooms reading aloud from books after their teachers. The school structures look almost ideal for the visitors and the system appears to be organized in everyone’s eye.
But on closer look serious anomalies are prevalent. Chen area comprises of eight villages under Mon District where it has 21 Government Primary School (GPS), 6 Government Middle School (GMS) and 1 Government High School (GHS). Education being an imperative quotient for survival, the Government of India implemented the Right to Education (RTE) Act with the aim to educate young minds of India for a better India. But this right is being dishonoured through unfair means.
The violation of RTE has always been an issue in the state but the neglected lot are in the districts of backward areas of the state. With Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF) ‘Advocacy Tour’ entering its 7th day at Chen area, once again the government schools of the state has come under scanner with the functioning of Government run schools under Chen area.
Making a mockery of the Act, the students and parents under this area have been undergoing turmoil because of mishandling of the Act. It was learned that the schools go through shortage of books frequently and common problem of shortage of teachers which in turn obstructs education of the children. The school is reeling without a maths teacher and the high school section has just two subject teachers who are shouldered with responsibilities of taking charge of other set of class.
The classrooms are jam-packed with students creating an uncomfortable environment for learning. Since the schools gather as an educational centre for Chen areas the need of the hour is extension of classrooms. But lack of teachers in addition does not assent them to do so. In addition to this, the villages under Chen area do not have a single secondary school creating inconvenience once they complete their high school.
Denying the right of every child for food, the Mid Day Meal (MDM) was found to be abused when the scheme says that every child is to be fed. But since starting of 2014 till date schools of Chen area has not received MDM, so the elders questioned on who is swindling rights of children.
A memorandum was also submitted to the Rural Department, Deputy Commissioner Mon and to Director of School Education from 2010 to 2013 but till date no response has been received from the concerned authority.
Without sparing even the receiver of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act (MGNREGA), the benefactors of MGNREA were not granted of their rights. For a 100 days wages they lamented that they have received not more than 15 days wages so far. So the questioned is where do these schemes disappear to and who is swindling them of their rights.
The schemes implemented by Government for welfare of the people are being made a mockery of by not reaching the authentic beneficiaries.

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:56:48 pm