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Aghunaqa’s MNREGA: Govt told to reveal VIPs’ names

By EMN Updated: Jan 02, 2015 11:13 pm

Dimapur, January 2

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he allegation from various sections of Nagaland over the years that the rural employment scheme Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), is being manipulated by corrupt village and administrative officials, has found more corroboration in the expression of a major students’ organization.
On Friday the All Nagaland College Students Union (ANCSU) issued a stamen asking the chief minister and Rural Development department’s parliamentary secretary to respond, clarify and reveal the names of the VIPs’ for whom local officials have kept aside more than 90 days’ wages meant for the rural poor. The ANCSU has cautioned that more sever action would be launched should the government fail to respond.The ANCSU issued a press release on Friday supporting the complaint of Aghunaqa GBs’ Association that the scheme meant for the poor are being misused and manipulated by people in power. The funds of the MGNREGS are being misused illegally through so-called “VIP adjustments, excuses” and other means of misinformation given to the public such as by obtaining signatures of VDB secretaries in the Actual Payment Receipt, the college students stated.
The organization wrote the letter addressed to the chief minister of the state and parliamentary secretary of Rural Development. The students expressed support to the appeal made by the Aghunaqa Area Kukami Kuqhakulu (GBs’ association) on December 16 with regard to the delay of MGNREGA payment for the affected area.
The ANCSU stated: “…the above mentioned scheme is meant only for the poor rural people and that should not be diverted to the interest of any mischievous individuals, groups, or by the officials of the department. Whereas, it is learnt fact that the poor people’s scheme are being misused and manipulated illegally through V.I.P adjustments, excuses and by giving other means of misinformation to the public such as by obtaining signatures of the V.D.B secretaries in the Actual Payment Receipt (APR).”
The students noted that the new academic session is near and that most of the rural poor depend on daily wages from the NREGS to admit their children to school.
Unfortunately, the illegal practice might not be only in the case of Aghunaqa’s area but in the entire state of Nagaland as claimed by the Peren District card holders and others as well.
“It is not surprising that the above allegation against the corrupted department is true and based on written evidence and in person as a witness that can be available in the press media within ten days if the department fails to meet the demands and clarification seek by the aggrieved public,” the ANCSU stated.
The college students have demanded immediate release of 91-day wages for 2013-2014 and 98-day wages for 2014-2015 under the Block Development Officer of Aghunaqa.
The students’ organization has demanded response from the government and list out the “particulars” of the VIPs for whom the soc-called “adjustments” were made from the wages of the rural poor.
“The department must clarify and mention (through press media) the particulars of those VIPs individuals among the poor rural people that need an adjustment form the scheme and why the VDB secretaries were made to sign the blank APR since the implementation of the scheme till date,” the ANCSU asked.
“Further delay by the department may invite severe charges of corruptions as per the law followed by which the next appeal will be directly addressed to the central ministry of the particular department for thorough enquiry and investigation into the scheme,” the organization added.

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