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Aggrieved Hindi teachers picket DEO, SDEO offices

By EMN Updated: Nov 12, 2014 12:30 am

Our Correspondent

Peeved over non-payment of salaries for the last six months, the Hindi teachers across the State belonging to 2012 and 2013 batch today launched an indefinite agitation by picketing the office of the District Education Officer (DEO) Kohima.
The aggrieved teachers are demanding for immediate release of their six months pending salaries under 6th RoP with arrears, and a regular payment.
Entry to the DEO’s office premises, below New Secretariat Complex, Kohima was blocked since 9 am Tuesday morning by about fifty disgruntled teachers holding up placards with different messages, some of which read, “Regular Payment is what We Deserve”, “Hard Work, No Pay. This is Us”, “We don’t need Empty Promises, we need Real Action”, “Give us our Money”, “We have the Right to Demand our Salary” etc.
Keneikhrielie, a representative of the aggrieved teachers said they will not call off the agitation until their rightful demands are met. While regretting that Hindi classes for many schools across the state are being boycotted in view of the agitation, he urged upon all to understand the stand of the aggrieved teachers and support the cause.
Talking to this correspondent, one of the aggrieved teachers, Zashekhol said his family is living on debts since May this year. He is a father of three who travels to Kohima from nearby Viswema village five days a week to teach high school students. “Even if I get my salary, at this point, more than 80% of that will be spent to repay debts,” he said. Pointing out that all his children are school goers and with the admissions to the next academic session having started already in almost all the schools, he said his anxiety is only increasing everyday on how he is going to be able to pay for his children’s admissions.
Another teacher, Akali, said she is the only bread earner of her family of four members and they are now struggling to get by each day seeking money to borrow from relatives and friends.
Kevineinuo, a young mother and also the sole provider of the family has a similar story to tell. She expressed apprehension that things will get worse if she were to continue working without being paid her salary, especially with the impending festive season. “We have managed to get by these past few months with the help of family and relatives but how long can they support us? We cannot go on living off from someone else’s hard earned money. We also deserve to be paid for our hard work,” she lamented. She explained that she spends Rs.80-100 everyday to commute to the government middle school where she teaches 4 different classes daily.
“I still live with my parents and somehow they can manage my expenses. I am not proud about it but I consider myself fortunate. There are couples who are both Hindi teachers, my heart goes out to them,” says a 26 year-old teacher.
Alo, another young aggrieved teacher was more vocal about his ire towards the government for not releasing the salaries of the teachers. “Our government is investing a lot on many areas but the education sector is left suffering…..It is only through education that a person is groomed to become a responsible citizen and a teacher’s mission is to impart that education. Our people need to realize that,” he stated.
No untoward incident was reported during the agitation on Tuesday. The aggrieved Hindi teachers informed that they will continue with their agitation until their demands are fulfilled.

Mon Correspondent adds
Aggrieved Hindi Teacher’s Mon District today picketed the offices of DEO and SDEO today in protest against non-release of their pending salary and non-implementation of 6th ROP. They protesters also demanded regular payment of salary and timely deposit of their deducted amount to their PRAN account.
According to Chemkai (James), vice president and Chingak, general secretary, Hindi Teacher’s Mon unit, the Hindi teachers of Mon unit will continue to picket the DEO and SDEO offices until the department concerned releases their pending salary. They said a memorandum was submitted to the Principal Director of School Education earlier demanding the pending salary but till date no response has been received.

Mokokchung Correspondent adds
Along with rest of the districts of the State, the Aggrieved Hindi Teachers Mokokchung Unit (AHTM) picketed the DEO office in Mokokchung and three SDEO offices at Mokokchung, Mangkolemba and Changtongya today to demand release of their due salaries and fulfillment of other demands.
Representatives of Hindi Teachers Mokokchung Unit said the agitation was successful and peaceful. They said the agitation started at 8:30 am at different SDEO and DEO offices where 167 Hindi teachers appointed under Mokokchung district took part.
The department or the State government cannot deny the rights of the aggrieved Hindi teachers by stating that they are under centrally sponsored scheme, a join press release issued by Imtisunep, president, AHTM and co-covenor, ANHTU and Sentimenla, secretary, AHTM.
The release said blaming the Centre for non-release of salary will not solve the problem in Nagaland and warned that the Hindi teachers will be left with no other choice but to opt for another step as may deem necessary.

By EMN Updated: Nov 12, 2014 12:30:12 am