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Friday, June 09, 2023
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AFSPA – The Evil Within

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2022 10:31 pm

Much has been said and talked about Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA). However, those who suffered the pain and agony of AFSPA have more to say. The GOI seems to be enjoying the sufferings of the Nagas. The Oting incident triggered the collective hearts of the people to raise one voice against the atrocities meted out to Nagas under the guise of AFSPA. AFSPA should be revoked at all costs. Nagaland is not a firing zone for the Indian armies.

We cannot afford Nagas to suffer under the iron rule of AFSPA. For decades, Nagas have seen the ocean of tears and cries of its people. No sooner did the ocean dry; there came the massacre of innocent Nagas at Oting. Nagas have the right to live in freedom and peace without the supervision of superficial acts and external threats like AFSPA. Nagaland is not a training ground for Indian armies to practice torture, rape and killing. There was a better and peaceful life without AFSPA. There can be better life without it.

Nagas know the art of living. AFSPA knows the art of killing. They are contradictory. They cannot co-exist. AFSPA is a wild animal in the land of the Nagas. The wild animal has been eating up all innocent lambs. The churches, homes, fields and forests are desecrated by AFSPA. The presence of AFSPA will lead to the construction of another war cemetery in Nagaland. AFSPA has to go. The evil must disappear for good.

The history of Nagas is written with the blood and tears of numerous martyrs who suffered under the cruel hands of the Indian armies with a special power. Cold-blooded murder, rape and torture are ashamed to be mentioned. The inhuman treatments meted out to Nagas are witnesses to this suffering era. The GOI sit and enjoy the crime scene. The GOI is less affected by the feelings and emotions of Nagas.

Politically, Nagas are still dependent. This has made the Nagas even more susceptible to the wrong policies of the central Government. Can Nagas start working out to achieve the common interest? Failure in this will lead us to be slaves to the policies and acts of the central Government. AFSPA is the best example. Numerous policies are intruding on the culture of the people.

Nagaland, the land of festivals is filled with numerous threats from within and outside. Killing, a spray of bullets, bombs and threats are nothing new to Nagas. AFSPA has now become the author of life and death. Sadly, the victims are Nagas. Lots of life has been lost under the tyranny of AFSPA. This crime scene has to change. Give way for peace and harmony in Nagaland by revoking AFSPA. People and land are holy. Let no one defile this sanctity.

Like AFSPA, the Naga political factions also contributed their equal share in the shedding of blood. Every story happens in front of the State Government. The Government has fed both the parties well to be qualified gladiators in Nagaland. Now, they may play a blame game to hide the duplicity of life. The number of Nagas killed by the Indian armies and Naga political factions can be a comparative statistical study for this generation. Killing innocent lives should not become the daily morning news. Let justice, liberty, equality and fraternity reign in our land.

As a welfare state, let us pursue peace and freedom in the truest term. We do not believe in violence and killings as means to pursue our dreams. We hope the GOI will implement welfare policies and acts, not deadly AFSPA. The State Government must be vigilant in the exercise of its duty to protect and uphold every citizen with respect and dignity.

With much concern,

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2022 10:31:46 pm