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Monday, May 27, 2024

AFSPA extension a continued disregard of Naga people’s rights, says Naga Students’ Federation

By EMN Updated: Apr 01, 2024 10:42 pm

DIMAPUR —The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has condemned the recent decision of the Indian government to extend the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) in the ‘Naga homeland’.

The Centre declared eight districts and 21 police stations across five other districts of Nagaland as ‘disturbed areas’ for a period of six months until September 30, 2024, under the provisions of AFSPA.

According to the NSF, the extension of AFSPA represents a continued disregard for the rights, dignity and aspirations of the Naga people.

“AFSPA has long been associated with egregious human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, and systemic abuses of power by the armed forces operating in our region. It is a draconian law that has only served to deepen the mistrust and alienation between the civilian population and the security forces,” it said in a press release issued on Monday.

Flaying the government’s decision to extend AFSPA in Nagaland, particularly in light of the region’s longstanding pursuit of peace, justice, and reconciliation, the student body asserted that the government has chosen to perpetuate violence and oppression through the Act instead of addressing the root causes of conflict.

Stating that the move is not only unjust but also counterproductive to the goal of achieving a lasting peace and stability in Nagaland, it said that by empowering security forces with sweeping powers and impunity, “AFSPA only serves to further destabilise our communities and undermine the prospects for genuine peacebuilding and reconciliation”.

It called upon the government of India to revoke the extension immediately and instead, engage in sincere dialogue with all stakeholders to address the underlying grievances and aspirations of the Naga people.

“It is only through a process of inclusive and transparent dialogue that we can hope to build a future based on justice, dignity, and mutual respect,” the NSF said.

Further, it urged the international community, human rights organisations and all people of conscience to stand in solidarity with the Naga people in their struggle against the oppressive regime of AFSPA.

“We will not rest until our voices are heard, our rights are respected, and our homeland is free from the shackles of militarisation and oppression,” it said, while reaffirming its commitment to defending the rights and interests of the Naga people.

By EMN Updated: Apr 01, 2024 10:42:12 pm
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